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Rio Smith
Rio Smith
Rio Smith is a versatile writer skilled at compelling storytelling across many topics. With a degree in English Literature, she expertly communicates across genres. Her curiosity drives insight into complex issues through diligent research. Readers appreciate Rio's authoritative yet warm voice that finds fascinating angles. Her writing invites audiences into new perspectives with empathy and openness.


A wave_of_happy. That’s the best way I can describe the feeling that washed over me as I walked along the beach on that sunny day. The sound of the waves crashing along the shore, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the light breeze ruffling my hair – it all combined to fill me with an immense sense of joy and contentment. 

Soaking Up the Little Moments

I find that it’s often the little moments in life that bring the greatest happiness. Too often we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to appreciate the small pleasures right in front of us. On that day at the beach, I made a conscious effort to soak up every little detail and enjoy each moment as it came. 

  1. I paused to watch the seagulls circling overhead, calling out to each other as they rode the wind currents. 
  2. I crouched down to examine the colorful seashells dotting the sand, marveling at their intricate shapes and patterns.
  3. I smiled as I watched children happily building sandcastles, their little faces screwed up in concentration. 
  4. I overheard snippets of conversations between couples out for a relaxing stroll, folks who seemed thrilled just to be in each other’s company.

All of these little scenes coming together created a feeling of joyousness that was infectious. I couldn’t help but feel uplifted.

Appreciating Simplicity of Wave_of_Happy


There is so much complexity in the world today – busy schedules, nonstop technology, constant stress and demands on our time. But being at the beach reminded me of the beauty of simplicity. 

  1. Here, it was just me, the sand, the sea, and the open sky above.  
  2. No emails to answer, no texts buzzing on my phone, no looming deadlines.  
  3. Just time unfolding slowly and peacefully.  

I realized that so often, happiness arises when we strip away the complexities and return to simple pleasures. Appreciating the feel of the sun, the sound of waves, the companionship of a loved one. These uncomplicated joys are gifts if we take the time to recognize them.

Grateful for Health

As I strolled along the water’s edge, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for my health. The simple act of walking, of feeling my body move and my lungs fill with fresh, salty air, was such a joy. 

  1. I was reminded that health is wealth, and to appreciate each moment I have with a body that allows me to move, play, love, and experience life in the world.  
  2. So many do not have this privilege, and even those who do rarely think about what a true blessing it is.
  3. But being so immersed in the sensory pleasures of the beach drove home just how grateful I was to have my health and abilities.

This feeling of gratitude seemed to radiate outward, encompassing not just my own wellbeing but appreciating health in all its forms – from the athleticism of the surfers to the energetic chaos of the young children; the happiness of couples walking hand-in-hand to the calm enjoyment of the elderly reading books under parasols.

A Renewed Sense of Awe  

Standing at the edge of the vast ocean, I was overcome by a sense of awe and wonder at the immense power and mystery of nature.

  1. Wave after wave rolled in, demonstrating the rhythmic motion of the tides that have flowed steadily for millennia.  
  2. The ocean seemed to stretch endlessly to the horizon, reminding me of how small I am in the grand scheme of things.
  3. Looking up at the wide expanse of sky, I marveled at the changing patterns of clouds moving across the blue canvas. 
  4. The amazing diversity of life all around – from tiny sandpipers darting in and out of the waves to pelicans soaring overhead – inspired a renewed sense of appreciation for this incredible planet we call home.

I was reminded that moments of awe remind us how precious life is, and how filled with beauty and meaning each day can be if we take the time to notice. 

Shared Joy


As wonderful as that day at the beach was, I realized a great truth: joy is amplified when it’s shared. Everyone around me seemed connected in a spirit of shared contentment.

  1. Strangers smiled and said hello as they passed each other, exchanging knowing looks that we were all here for the same reason. 
  2. Seeing the delight of children digging in the sand and playing in the surf filled me with infectious joy.  
  3. Witnessing couples walking hand-in-hand, families laughing together, friends chatting amiably over picnic lunches – their collective joy fed my own.

I was reminded how powerful shared experiences of happiness can be. Though we all seek joy in our own way, when we find it we are bound together by the common threads of our humanity. In the end, joy is multiplied when it is shared.

  • Volunteer groups: building bonds while giving back
  • Support communities: sharing struggles and triumphs
  • Finding activity partners: accountability and fun
  • Shared experiences: concerts, museums, classes

A State of Mind

Ultimately, happiness is a state of mind, a conscious choice to appreciate and be grateful for each moment. As I walked slowly back down the beach, I resolved to carry that sense of joy within me even as I returned to the busy world.

  • I knew there would inevitably be stresses, worries, sadness and frustrations in the days to come.  
  • But I could recall the feeling of standing in the ocean swells, soaking in the smells and sounds that brought me calm.
  • I could remember that state of childlike wonder when marveling at seashells and seabirds, appreciating the gifts right in front of me.
  • I could tap into that sense of gratitude for my health and abilities whenever challenges came my way.

That sunny day at the beach was a gift I will always carry with me. It was a wave_of_happy that washed over me, and the ripples of that joy continue to sustain me even now.

My Key Takeaways and Continued Journey  

  • Happiness comes in waves; learning to ride them skillfully
  • Making room for positivity ripples outward 
  • Connecting to myself and others created lasting joy
  • Living “in the now” and trusting the future waves 

The “wave_of_happy” has carried me to beautiful destinations on my life’s ocean. While I cannot control the tides, I can learn to surf with balance, courage, and an open heart. As I ride each crest and swell, I look forward to wherever the journey takes me next. To me, true happiness is not about seeking perfection or reaching a final destination, but enjoying the adventure along the way.