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John Wright
John Wright
John Wright is a veteran gaming journalist and critic whose expertise spans multiple decades. After earning his Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech, Graham immersed himself in the gaming world, witnessing its evolution from niche hobby to global phenomenon. His authoritative voice breaks down the latest game releases from both a technical and artistic perspective. Graham's analyses dive deep, evaluating gameplay mechanics, graphics, storytelling, and overall entertainment value. With an intellectual yet accessible style, he provides gamers of all levels invaluable insights into the interactive experiences shaping the cultural zeitgeist. Graham's passion for gaming is exceeded only by his commitment to honest and insightful criticism.


Choosing the right lawyer can seem like an intimidating task. With so many options out there, how do you know who to trust with your important legal matters?

Look no further than OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer. At our firm, we aim to make the law accessible, understandable, and workable for our clients. 

Who Lawyer

I’m John , the writer and researcher about legal matters and firms like OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer. The firm was born out of a desire to create an approachable, community-based law practice. After years of seeing how traditional law firms failed to meet people’s needs, I knew there had to be a better way to provide legal services. That’s why I gathered a team of passionate, talented attorneys who all shared my vision.

At OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer, we’re reimagining what a law firm can be. Their team takes law out of the intimidating boardroom and brings it into the community. We want to empower everyday people to understand their rights and feel confident navigating the legal system. 

Our Values: Accessibility, Transparency, and Results

We approach every aspect of our work guided by core values of accessibility, transparency, and results.

  • Accessibility: Getting quality legal help shouldn’t require taking out a loan. We offer fair, upfront pricing and flexible payment options. Our lawyers also make themselves available through various channels – phone, email, video chat, or at our brick-and-mortar offices. 
  • Transparency: No hidden fees, no convoluted legal jargon. We communicate clearly, keeping you informed at every step. You’ll always know what to expect.
  • Results: We’re driven to achieve the most favorable outcomes for our clients. Our proven track record shows we get results. But more than just “winning,” we help our clients gain clarity and move forward during difficult times.

These values shape all we do. When you become a client, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind. Lawyer Lawyer

At OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer, we handle a wide range of legal matters for both businesses and individuals. A few of our areas of expertise include:

  1. Family Law: From amicable divorces to complex custody battles, we guide clients compassionately through domestic issues.
  2. Wills & Estate Planning: We help you prepare clear, legally binding wills and trusts to protect your assets and ensure smooth inheritance.
  3. Real Estate Law: We review contracts, facilitate negotiations, and address disputes related to buying, selling or leasing property. 
  4. Business Law: We assist with business formation, review contracts, address employment issues, and provide comprehensive legal guidance.
  5. Criminal Defense: If you’re facing DUI charges, theft allegations, or other criminal accusations, we vigorously safeguard your rights.

And much more. Whether you’re an individual with a personal legal dilemma or a business seeking counsel, we have the experience to meet your needs.

How We Help: Tailored Guidance Through Challenging Situations

At OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer, we don’t just see clients as case numbers – we take the time to understand your unique needs and goals. Here are a few examples of how we provide tailored guidance and vigorous representation:

Divorce is always difficult, but high-conflict divorces involving custody disputes or assets can become overwhelmingly stressful. We’ll stand by your side as aggressive advocates, helping you avoid common pitfalls and striving to secure a fair settlement. With experience handling complex divorces, we can anticipate challenges, give wise counsel, and add a compassionate voice of reason when emotions run high.

Fighting DUI Charges 

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, the consequences can derail your life. We’ll thoroughly examine all facts in your case, vigorously challenging improper police procedures or faulty breathalyzer tests. Our sharp defense lawyers find creative, individualized ways to minimize penalties, aiming to get charges reduced or dismissed completely.

Resolving Business Disputes 

When business partnerships crumble, the fallout can jeopardize your company’s future. Drawing on our litigation experience, we’ll fight to protect your interests – whether it’s a contract breach, intellectual property issue, or employee disagreement.We aim to keep disputes out of court through mediation whenever possible. But if litigation is required, you can trust in our skillful negotiation and trial advocacy.

For any legal issue, big or small, we’ll stand beside you, offering advice tailored to your circumstances and needs.

Why Choose Us?

With many options out there, you might wonder: why choose OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer? Here are a few of the key advantages we offer clients:

Trusted Experience

Our lawyers have decades of experience across a wide range of practice areas. We’ve handled hundreds of family law cases, business disputes, estate plans, criminal charges, and more. History shows – we get results.

Compassionate Counsel

We understand these issues directly impact your life. So we listen with empathy, avoiding overly complicated legalese. You can feel heard and respected.

Reasonable Rates 

Our upfront pricing structure means no surprise add-on fees. And our rates are fair for the high caliber of legal services provided.


With phone, email, video chat options, we’re readily available. And we take on a limited number of cases so you get individualized attention.

If you’re seeking knowledgeable, compassionate counsel, a lawyer who will be in your corner and help simplify complex legal issues – choose OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer.

John Writer and Researcher Lawyer Lawyer

As writer and researcher of OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer, I lead our team with passion to achieve our vision: providing exceptional legal counsel while making law accessible.

I bring over 15 years of broad experience into my current role. Early in my career, I practiced at a large international firm where I handled complex corporate litigation. I realized while the work was intellectually stimulating, I wanted to connect more directly with clients. 

I shifted to a neighborhood law office, where I came to understand firsthand the problems everyday people faced trying to get affordable, quality legal support. I became determined to reshape the lawyer-client relationship into one based on trust and transparency. 

When I started OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer, I assembled a team of like-minded attorneys – lawyers who thrive on forming meaningful relationships with clients and upholding the highest ethical standards.

As your attorney, you can expect honesty, attentiveness, and dogged commitment to your case. I will leverage my experience navigating the law’s intricacies to make sophisticated legal processes clear and approachable for you. My advocacy will be vigorous yet compassionate. 

I consider it a privilege to take this journey with you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help.

Our Promise to You

At OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer, we understand that you’re entrusting us with matters that are vital to your life and livelihood. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. When you choose us, you have our word that we will:

  • Treat you with respect, compassion, and integrity
  • Communicate with you clearly every step of the way
  • Exploring all options thoroughly and help you make informed decisions
  • Work relentlessly to secure the optimal outcomes in your case
  • Offer candid guidance even when it’s not what you want to hear 
  • Resolve matters as efficiently and affordably as possible
  • Maintain transparency about fees so you never feel deceived 
  • Collaborate with you as a team, knowing we both have a stake in the results

Our attorneys and staff uphold the highest legal and ethical standards at all times. We will be worthy of the trust you place in us – that is our promise.

I hope this overview has helped you understand what sets OpenHousePerth.Net Lawyer apart. We’re reshaping what a law firm can be – more accessible, transparent, and compassionate. Our entire team feels passionately about our core mission: empowering clients with knowledge and fiercely protecting their rights.

Don’t let legal uncertainties hold you back. Whether you’re protecting your assets in business, going through a divorce, or preparing an estate plan, we’re here to support you. Turn to us for counsel you can trust. 

We would be honored to put our expertise to work for you. Please reach out to learn more about how we can help you successfully navigate your unique legal needs. The first conversation is on us – call today to schedule a free consultation.