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Explore NTR Share House With Me

Beryl Morris
Beryl Morris
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My name is Beryl, and I have lived in an NTR (Netorare) shared house for the past year. For those unfamiliar, an NTR shared house is a unique communal living arrangement where residents are open to exploring non-traditional relationships and intimacy. I know this lifestyle is only for some, but I wanted to share my experience with those curious to learn more.

When I first moved into Cherry Blossom House, I didn’t know what to expect. I was mainly attracted by the lower rent costs and the idea of having instant connections with housemates. However, there was an adjustment period as I got used to the household dynamics. Over time, though, I have grown to appreciate the bonds I’ve formed here deeply.

I’ll look into various aspects of NTR share-house living in this extensive guide. I’ll cover everything from the application process, house rules we follow, how we split expenses, the communal activities we participate in, and much more. Whether you’re considering moving into an NTR share house or are just intrigued by the concept, this detailed account of my time at Cherry Blossom House will give you deeper insight.

Finding and Applying to an NTR Share House

If, after reading this guide, you think an NTR share house might be a good fit, the first step is finding available listings in your area. Here is how I went about my search and application process:

Online Research

  1. I browsed sites like Craigslist, Facebook groups, and roommate finder platforms, looking for listings specifically described as “NTR share houses.”
  2. I also asked some friends who had lived communally before if they had suggestions or leads. Word of mouth can uncover options you might not find from just an online search.

Evaluating Listings

  1. As I explored potential listings, there were a few key things I looked out for beyond just rent price:
    1. House rules and policies around guests, quiet hours, etc.
    2. Shared spaces and amenities like kitchens, lounge areas, backyard, etc.
    3. Several existing housemates and room types are still available.
    4. Common interests, values, and demographics of current residents. Finding an aligned community was really important to me.

Applying and Interviews

  1. After I found the Cherry Blossom House listing, I applied by filling out a short online form describing myself and my interests.
  2. I was then invited to an open house to meet the other housemates and tour the facilities.
  3. During my visit, I also sat down for 30 30-minute interviews with Tina and Sebastian, two long-term residents. We talked about my background, what I was looking for in a living situation, areas of compatibility, and any questions or concerns I still had.
  4. About a week later, I received a call that I had been accepted! The application process was relatively smooth, and the upfront conversations were valuable.

Becoming Familiar with NTR House Rules and Etiquette

Upon move-in, all residents at Cherry Blossom House are provided with an extensive handbook that covers house policies, operational issues, guidelines for communal living, and more. Here are some of the key sections I found most helpful for getting oriented when I first arrived:

Household Responsibilities

  1. We use an online chore chart system to assign regular duties like cleaning bathrooms, tending the garden, running errands, etc. Rotating tasks ensures fairness over the long run. When I was new, I was assigned lighter responsibilities until I got more settled.
  2. For cooking, we take turns making meals for the household. It’s a great opportunity to try different cuisines, and we always eat together when possible. Whoever cooks generally gets a night off from dish duty.
  3. Ad-hoc issues are discussed at our weekly house meetings, and volunteers are requested rather than assigned. I’ve found most housemates are happy to chip in when needed.

Guest Policies

  1. Overnight guests are allowed with advanced notice to other housemates. Just a heads up via the group chat.
  2. If partners stay over for more than three nights in a 7-day span, they must formally be registered as short-term visitors.
  3. Registered visitors can stay up to 2 weeks maximum before it requires additional approval. The guest registration process helps ensure strangers aren’t constantly flowing in and out without oversight.

Shared Spaces

  1. The handbook clearly outlines the rules of each common area, like the TV room, dining room, game lounge, etc., regarding cleanliness and noise levels and when quiet hours start.
  2. There is also guidance on storing personal items around the house or using things like the backyard firepit that require more coordination.

Having documented house rules and etiquette advice helped me navigate living harmoniously with nine other people! Rather than guessing if I was ever unsure about something.

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Financial Obligations and Expenses

Affordability was one of the appealing aspects that drew me to co-living in an NTR share house in the first place. Here’s a breakdown of the typical monthly costs as well as how Tina, our residence manager, facilitates budgeting and payments:

Rent Payments

  1. Since I have my bedroom, I pay $550 monthly rent. Two housemates who share another room pay $450 each. And we have one tenant in our smallest room who pays $350.
  2. Tina sends payment reminders and tracks whether anyone needs to arrive on time or behind.

Utility Costs

  1. Gas, electricity, internet, streaming services, and waste removal cost around $125 per person monthly.
  2. Tina keeps track of all these utility bills and divides them evenly among all residents. Costs have been consistent month-to-month so far.

Group Purchases

  1. Items like household supplies, communal food items, cleaning products, and shared furnishings are purchased by Tina using a special debit card. We call it the family fund!
  2. She collects $100 from each of us monthly into this shared account. Group purchases are also discussed during house meetings regarding what is currently needed.

I appreciate how seamlessly Tina has made budgeting and payments at our house! It would be much harder trying to split everything separately each month. Knowing what to expect cost-wise has also been great for my financial planning.

Communal Activities and Bonding

Another major perk of co-living in an NTR shared house is the built-in community and social events. Here are some of the recurring activities that bring our housemates together:

Movie Nights

  1. We have a movie screening every Friday at 8 pm in the TV room. We take turns selecting films and gather on the big sectional sofa. Recent viewings have included everything from Marvel films to documentaries, indie horror flicks, and steamy dramas!

Game Tournaments

  1. Similarly, on Saturday nights, we hold gameplay sessions and mini-tournaments. We alternate between video games and tabletop. Prizes have included handmade crafts, themed cocktails, and privileges like first dibs on a parking spot for those who don’t win or place. It’s always lively!

Outdoor Parties

  1. When the weather is nice, we also love hosting larger theme parties outdoors, complete with decorations, fancy cocktails and appetizers, twinkling string lights, and music. Recent themes have included “Under the Sea,” “Medieval Feast,” and “Fire & Ice.”
  2. These events are always a big hit and a chance to dress up while enjoying our spacious backyard. I also appreciate inviting a few select friends to join and introducing them to some of my housemates.

Participating in regular activities together deepens bonds between existing house members and assimilates newer additions like myself into the dynamic more smoothly. I’ve made wonderful friendships at Cherry Blossom House that I’m confident will continue even after I move out someday!

While I’ve focused a lot on the operational aspects and community feeling at my NTR share house, acknowledging the romantic elephant in the room is important. Like most residents here, I was drawn to this style of living partly to explore ethical non-monogamy in an open-minded environment. Here’s a bit about my experience on that front:

Getting Comfortable

  1. Seeing intimate affection between housemates or encountering another resident wearing minimal clothing on their way to showering took some adjustment after moving from a fairly conservative background.
  2. I never felt pressured to participate in anything before I was ready. But over time, as I got more comfortable, I became more willing to explore my sexuality in this safe space.

Building Trust

  1. Consent and emotional check-ins are deeply valued in our household. During house meetings, we often discuss relationship agreements, personal boundaries, and clarity around intentions.
  2. I’ve grown to feel such a strong trust, care, and respect between all members. That foundation enables deeper intimacy to unfold organically rather than any coercion.

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Personal Fulfillment

  1. For me personally, I’ve unexpectedly found incredible liberation, confidence, and fulfillment from experiences I would not have pursued outside living in an NTR shared house.
  2. I’ve been able to confront insecurities, nurture meaningful partnerships, and gain insights into my desires that have profoundly impacted me for the better.
  3. While it’s still evolving, I am so supported in a space where we can openly celebrate all expressions of ethical love and consensual pleasure without judgment.

Reflecting on My Overall Experience

As I hit the one-year mark at Cherry Blossom House, I’m incredibly grateful that I leaped to try out NTR share house living. As I reflect, here are a few closing thoughts:

Personal Growth

Undoubtedly, deciding to move into an NTR share house has pushed me way outside my comfort zone for tremendous personal growth. I wouldn’t have reached it otherwise. I’ve built confidence and self-love and feel so much more aligned with my core values.

Lasting Bonds

Beyond romantic connections, the platonic friendships nurtured with housemates through our solidarity and shared experiences are incredibly precious to me. I can’t imagine my life without this makeshift family we’ve created.

Sense of Adventure

I’m someone who thrives on variety, novelty, and pushing boundaries. The excitement, playfulness, and sense of adventure from living here have brought me so much joy. Every day always looks different!

Future Ambitions

My dream is to start my own NTR share house someday, drawing on everything I’ve learned. I’d love to create a similar tight-knit community and safe space for exploration focused on consent, inclusivity, and personalized growth for other like-minded individuals.

Despite any minor growing pains, rooming at Cherry Blossom House has been one of the most transformational decisions of my adult life. If any parts of my story resonated with you, I hope you’ll soon consider blossoming into your fullest self by joining or starting your own NTR share house community!