Monday, May 20, 2024 Is All About Food Safety in Europe

Beryl Morris
Beryl Morris
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As the manager of the European Food Safety Authority’s online portal, I have an intimate understanding of this platform’s operations, offerings, and goals. In this extensive analytical essay, I will provide an in-depth examination of and how it serves as a vital resource on food safety across Europe.

Key areas I will cover include:

  1. Background on and EFSA
  2. Main features and tools of the website  
  3. Research projects and collaborations
  4. Future plans for growth and improvement

My aim is to demonstrate the multifaceted role plays in supporting and strengthening food safety efforts in the European Union and globally. As both a knowledge hub and a catalyst for research, this portal is at the forefront of food safety innovation.

Background on and EFSA

  1. was launched in 2023 by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as a public information resource on all aspects of food safety in Europe. 
  2. EFSA is an independent agency tasked with conducting risk assessments and providing scientific advice to inform EU food safety laws and policies.
  3. aligns with EFSA’s mission by disseminating information from its scientific reports and opinions to diverse stakeholders across Europe.
  4. The site contains guidance and tools for food businesses, consumers, control authorities, and scientists.
  5. Key aims are increasing transparency, knowledge sharing, and coordination on food safety initiatives.

As manager of, I oversee all aspects of the site’s operations and content strategy. My role involves:

  • Identifying emerging food safety issues and priority areas for the site
  • Commissioning new articles, reports, and multimedia resources 
  • Curating and quality controlling existing content
  • Liaising with senior EFSA staff on developing the website’s capabilities  
  • Fostering partnerships with international food safety bodies
  • Analyzing site user metrics and feedback to guide future improvements

With its beginnings only two years ago, is still a young portal but one that has already proven invaluable. The following sections highlight the main offerings and projects facilitated through this platform.

Key Tools and Resources contains various practical resources and tools aimed at advancing food safety across Europe. Some of the main offerings include:

Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

  • RASFF enables urgent notification and response to serious food safety risks detected in the EU.
  • provides registration for RASFF, allowing food businesses to receive alerts.
  • By facilitating RASFF adoption, we promote transparency and rapid reaction to threats.

Guidance Materials 

  1. We offer extensive materials to assist development of food safety management systems (FSMS). 
  2. Resources include templates, training content, videos, case studies, and checklists aligned to EU regulations.
  3. This guidance enables consistency and high standards in FSMS implementation.

News and Alerts

  1. Up-to-date articles on emerging risks, recalls, outbreaks, and new controls are posted through the News section. 
  2. Push notifications via email/SMS can alert registered users of urgent news.
  3. This service keeps the food industry and consumers informed on threats and response priorities as they evolve.

EFSA Scientific Opinions and Reports

  1. In-depth technical documents from EFSA’s risk analysis and research work are accessible via  
  2. Enables transparency on data, methods, and rationale underlying EU food laws.
  3. Stakeholders can access the science behind regulations and controls.

Consumer Information 

  • Plain-language advice on food labels, storage, hygiene, online shopping, allergens etc. helps consumers make informed choices.
  • Improving consumer knowledge contributes significantly to first-line defense against foodborne illnesses. 

This diverse set of resources consolidates hard-to-find technical information alongside general guidance and news. By bringing everything together in one platform, we enhance access and awareness across the food system.

Research Projects and Global Collaboration

Beyond its function as an information repository, actively cultivates research partnerships to expand scientific knowledge on food safety assessment and intervention. 

Key initiatives include:

Fostering EU Research Projects

  • We coordinate and promote various EU-funded research projects related to food risks.
  • Focus areas span detection methods, emerging risks from new foods/processes, risk communication, and more.
  • Scientific advances feed directly into EFSA’s risk analysis activities, improving evidence-base for food laws.

International Engagement

  1. We facilitate EFSA’s participation in bodies including WHO, FAO, and Codex Alimentarius. 
  2. Enables harmonized global approaches to standards, methods, and scientific advice.
  3. Vital for effective management of international food supply chains.

In my view,’s support for collaborative projects is integral to its purpose. By catalysing research and global thinking, we drive innovation in this field beyond what any one organisation could achieve alone. Our engagement efforts enhance EFSA’s and Europe’s leadership in food safety.

Future Development Plans

The portal is constantly evolving in response to emerging priorities. Some key areas we are actively developing include:

Expanded Issue Coverage

  • We are progressively expanding content on pressing topics like food fraud and allergens.
  • Recent additions like the Food Allergy section provide more specialized information on key concerns. 

Regulation Guidance 

  1. Tailored guidance and explanations are being added on upcoming food safety regulations.
  2. Ensuring stakeholders understand new rules is crucial for effective implementation.

New Partnerships 

  • We continually seek strategic collaboration with other international food bodies such as WHO, US FDA, and China’s SAMR. 
  • This allows coordinated responses to global safety challenges.

Enhanced User Experience

  1. More interactive features such as videos, quizzes, and discussion forums will be added to boost engagement.
  2. The website needs to cater to diverse learning styles and preferences.

I am excited by the website’s potential for further expansion in these areas. must evolve in step with emerging risks, policies, and stakeholder needs – an ongoing process requiring continual innovation.


In this comprehensive essay, I have analyzed the key facets and offerings of, the European Food Safety Authority’s dedicated food safety portal. Areas covered in this review include:

  1. The background and aims of as a vital information and coordination platform.
  2. An overview of the tools and resources provided, spanning news alerts, guidance materials, scientific reports, and consumer advice.
  3. How collaborative research projects and international partnerships are facilitated through the website to drive innovation.
  4. Plans and priorities for future enhancement of’s capabilities and user experience.

My key conclusions are:

  • enables timely access to authoritative information, empowering stakeholders across Europe’s food system.
  • The site fosters research and harmonization of scientific approaches through EU projects and global engagement.
  • is continuously evolving to address emerging food safety priorities and user needs.

Overall, this portal serves an invaluable function as a knowledge hub and catalyst for strengthening food safety. exemplifies EFSA and Europe’s proactive, transparent, and collaborative approach to this vital area. I am proud to be part of this organization contributing to consumer protection worldwide.