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Classic NFL Radio Broadcasts on DVD

Rio Smith
Rio Smith
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As an avid NFL fan and collector of football memorabilia, I was thrilled to discover websites offering recordings of classic NFL radio broadcasts on DVD. These old-time radio broadcasts provide a glimpse into the rich history of professional football and capture the excitement and drama of legendary games and moments in NFL history. 

My Experience Finding Classic NFL Radio Broadcasts

I first stumbled upon these vintage radio recordings while searching for unique NFL collectibles online. Here’s an overview of my journey:

  1. I began my search on Google, typing in phrases like “vintage NFL radio”, “classic NFL radio broadcasts“, and “retro NFL games on DVD”. This led me to a few interesting websites offering old NFL radio broadcasts.
  1. The website Original Broadcasts caught my attention, as they had an entire section dedicated to classic NFL radio broadcasts on DVD. Browsing their collection, I found radio broadcasts dating back to the 1940s for NFL championship games and other iconic matchups. 
  1. Another site called **RUSC** also popped up in my search results. They too offered a library of old-time NFL radio shows for sale on CD and MP3 downloads.
  1. I compiled a list of the most intriguing historic broadcasts I came across to potentially purchase. The selections spanned various eras and featured some of the greatest teams, players, and moments in NFL history classic NFL radio broadcasts on DVD.

Notable Classic NFL Radio Broadcasts

In my search, I discovered many remarkable vintage NFL radio broadcasts. Here are some of the more famous games and programs I found:

1960 NFL Championship: Packers vs. Eagles

  1. This radio broadcast captures the iconic 1960 NFL title game between the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles. 
  1. The game ended 17-13, with the Packers defeating the Eagles on a final-play field goal by kicker Paul Hornung. This victory marked the first of 5 NFL championships for Packers coach Vince Lombardi.
  1. The 1960 championship is considered one of the greatest games in NFL history. The radio call by play vividly brings to life the game’s dramatic finish and frigid conditions at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

Retro Sports Radio: Classic Games from History

  1. This weekly podcast provides vintage radio play-by-play of memorable games across multiple sports, including professional and college football. 
  1. Broadcast legends like Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell, Mel Allen, Harry Caray, and others are featured calling classic NFL games from decades past. 
  1. As an old-time radio buff, I loved being able to hear the original broadcasts and distinct voices of these iconic commentators announcing NFL action and highlighting star players of yesteryear.

1957 NFL Championship: Lions vs. Browns

  1. Here the 1957 NFL title game is documented through its original CBS radio broadcast classic NFL radio broadcasts on DVD. 
  1. The matchup featured the Detroit Lions led by quarterback Bobby Layne defeating the Cleveland Browns 59-14 at Briggs Stadium in Detroit.
  1. Tuning into this vintage radio coverage let me experience the lopsided 1957 championship as listeners first did over 60 years ago.

More Noteworthy Classic NFL Radio Broadcasts on DVD

Beyond those highlighted games, I came across many other classic NFL radio gems in my search, including:

  1. 1974 Thanksgiving Day Game: Cowboys vs. Redskins- This Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins NFC East rivalry matchup on Thanksgiving Day 1974 featured the radio broadcast team of John Rooney and Frank Gifford.
  1. 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff: Dolphins vs. Browns- Hear the original NBC radio play-by-play as the unbeaten 1972 Miami Dolphins marched towards their perfect 17-0 season with Bob Trumpy on the call. 
  1. 1958 NFL Championship: Colts vs. Giants (The Greatest Game Ever Played) – Johnny Most led the NBC radio coverage of this historic 1958 NFL championship between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants, dubbed “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”
  1. 1969 Super Bowl III: Jets vs. Colts; Listen to this monumental Super Bowl upset as Joe Namath and the AFL champion New York Jets shocked the NFL champion Baltimore Colts 16-7, with Curt Gowdy’s call on NBC radio.
  1. 1975 AFC Divisional Playoff: Raiders vs. Bengals (The Sea of Hands)- Relive the thrilling ending to this game between the Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals, known as the “Sea of Hands” catch by Raiders receiver Clarence Davis. 
  1. 1978 Monday Night Football: Raiders vs. Cowboys – This classic MNF matchup featured the debut of John Madden and Frank Gifford in the Monday Night Football broadcast booth for a primetime showdown between the Raiders and Cowboys.

Insights Gained as a Fan and Collector 

Acquiring these vintage NFL radio recordings has provided me with great enjoyment and unique insights as a lifelong football fan and memorabilia collector:

  1. Appreciation of Early Broadcast History: Listening to the original radio announcements of these games has given me a deep appreciation for the broadcast teams that brought the NFL into America’s living rooms each week during the early years of professional football.
  1. Nostalgia: Hearing the enthusiastic voices, unique terminology, and old-time advertising of these classic broadcasts immerses me in warm nostalgia for the NFL’s rich past.
  1. New Perspective: I’ve gained new perspective and context on legendary games, players, and eras by experiencing them through the eyes and ears of commentators calling the action live as it happened. 
  1. Completing My Collection: These vintage NFL radio recordings fill a unique niche in my football memorabilia collection I’m thrilled to have finally filled.

Continuing to Build My Library of Classic NFL Broadcasts

My discovery of these classic NFL radio treasures has opened up a new avenue of football collecting I aim to continue pursuing. Here’s how I plan to keep expanding my library of vintage NFL broadcasts:

  1. Keep searching online marketplaces like eBay for individual game recordings and radio show compilations.
  1. Explore antique stores, flea markets, estate sales, and collectors conventions for rare vintage NFL radio broadcasts on old media like cassette tapes, vinyl records, and reel-to-reel tapes. 
  1. Join NFL memorabilia collector groups and communities to connect with others who may have leads on or be interested in digitizing and sharing classic radio broadcasts.
  1. Contact the NFL and individual teams to investigate their archives for any existing old radio coverage that could be converted to CD or digital formats.
  1. Look into fan sites, museums, and other resources dedicated to vintage pro football history that may know of radio recordings capturing iconic moments I’m still missing.


Discovering these classic NFL radio gems has brought me endless enjoyment while significantly deepening my football knowledge and commemorative collection. Tapping into the sounds, announcers, and ambiance of these games and broadcasts from the past has provided a fascinating perspective on the league’s rich history and evolution. I look forward to continuing to uncover more of these audio treasures to recreate and celebrate memorable NFL moments through the crackling voices of radio’s golden age.