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The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

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Tokyo is a world-renowned culinary destination, offering an endless array of dining options to satisfy every palate. However, finding the perfect the 6 best romantic restaurants in Tokyo this sprawling metropolis can be a daunting task.

As a resident of Tokyo passionate about food, I have explored countless restaurants across the city in search of those ideal for intimate dates and special occasions. 

After much research, I’ve compiled this list of my top recommendations for romantic restaurants in Tokyo. These six establishments exude elegance, provide impeccable service, and deliver an overall dining experience sure to ignite romance. Join me as I share my list of Tokyo’s six best restaurants for winning and dining your special someone.

Criteria for Selection

In curating this list, I used the following criteria to select restaurants that encapsulate romance:

  • Ambiance: The setting and décor should impart intimacy and elegance. Lighting, music, and even table spacing are important.
  • Cuisine: The menu should offer culinary excellence using high quality and often locally sourced ingredients.
  • Service: Attentive yet unobtrusive service helps create a warm atmosphere. Knowledgeable servers enhance the experience.
  • Overall Experience: In addition to cuisine and ambiance, personalised touches like flowers or small gifts can make the night memorable.

After dining at over 50 establishments in Tokyo, these six restaurants stood out for fulfilling the criteria and making my heart flutter every time.

Sukiyabashi Jiro: Quintessential Tokyo Sushi Experience

The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo
The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

In a city renowned for exceptional sushi, Sukiyabashi Jiro stands in a league of its own. Chef Jiro Ono’s uncompromising approach results in what I consider to be the best sushi experience in Tokyo. Here are some of the highlights that make Jiro a top romantic choice:

  1. Intimate sushi counter with space for only 10 diners allows for conversations without disruptions.
  2. While the 20-course omakase menu is fixed, the sushi is tailored to each diner’s preferences.
  3. Chef Jiro and his team provide attentive yet unintrusive service. Their dedication is palpable.
  4. The refined flavors of the seafood will have you closing your eyes in bliss with each bite.

While perfection comes at a price – around ¥30,000 per person, securing a reservation at Sukiyabashi Jiro assures an unforgettable romantic evening. This intimate dining experience is truly worth the splurge.

Kozue: Japanese Cuisine with a View

For romance with a side of sweeping city views, Kozue at the Park Hyatt Tokyo takes the cake. As you enter the chic, minimalist interior, your eyes are immediately drawn to the floor-to-ceiling windows beyond which Mount Fuji presides. Here’s what I love about dining at Kozue:

  1. Bask in the glittering cityscape over expertly crafted kaiseki-style cuisine.
  2. The seasonal ingredients are sublime; I especially love the Kyoto duck and Matsuba crab dishes. 
  3. While pricey at around ¥20,000 per person, the 7-course meal is worth it for the stellar food and breathtaking views.
  4. The polished, discreet service lets you focus on each other rather than waiting for the next course.

For a romantic night when you want to be transported into the clouds, Kozue is my top recommendation in Tokyo. The ambiance will have you believing in fairy tales again.

L’Osier: Michelin-Starred French Fine Dining 

Located in the business district of Ginza, L’Osier delivers elegant French cuisine in an intimate Art Deco setting. With Michelin-starred Chef Olivier Chaignon at the helm, L’Osier captures the essence of romance:

  • The tasting menu thoughtfully incorporates the finest Japanese ingredients like A5 Kobe beef and Hokkaido seafood into French cuisine.
  • The two private dining rooms with magnificent floral arrangements are perfect for proposing or celebrating anniversaries in privacy.
  • While expensive at around ¥30,000 per person, the impeccable food and service justify the cost for special occasions.
  • The wine list is extensive with over 2,800 labels to pair with your meal.

L’Osier’s refined ambiance and exquisite cuisine make it one of Tokyo’s most beloved fine dining institutions. I recommend dressing formally to complement the sophisticated atmosphere.

Ryugin: Innovative Japanese Kaiseki

Chef Seiji Yamamoto’s Ryugin always delights with its modern spin on traditional kaiseki. The meticulously crafted Multi-Sensory Experience menu integrates aspects like aromas and textures with artful plating, resulting in a dazzling romantic journey:

  1. Sit at the counter to watch the choreographed dance of the chefs preparing edible works of art. 
  2. The seafood offerings like abalone and Okinawan snapper are phenomenal.
  3. Opt for the curated wine or sake pairings to complement your meal.
  4. While very expensive at around ¥30,000 – ¥40,000 per person, Ryugin takes kaiseki to innovative heights.

With its cutting-edge approach and refined ambiance, Ryugin promises a romantic evening you’ll cherish forever. The reservation waitlist is long, so book this one well in advance.

Two Rooms Grill/Bar: Chic Yet Casual 

For romance in a chic yet casual setting, I recommend Two Rooms in the hip Aoyama district. Here’s why this contemporary grill-bar hybrid shines:

  • The stylish warehouse-style décor provides intimacy for couples. Book the terrace for alfresco dining.
  • The menu ranges from wagyu burgers to seafood risottos, offering flexibility at sharing-friendly prices under ¥15,000 per couple. 
  • The extensive cocktail menu enhances the lively ambiance. I adore their lychee martinis.
  • With a lively yet romantic vibe, Two Rooms is great for anniversaries or pre-party dining.

While reservations are recommended, the relaxed sophistication of Two Rooms makes it one of Tokyo’s best date night spots.

Quintessence: Tranquil French Dining

The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo
The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

Tucked away in a Shirokanedai neighborhood, Quintessence feels like an urban oasis perfect for a romantic escape. Chef Shuzo Kishida elevates French cuisine with seasonal Japanese ingredients to create edible masterpieces. Here’s why I love Quintessence:

  1. The pine tree-lined patio and foliage create a serene atmosphere for an intimate meal.
  2. The vegetable-focused tasting menu takes your palate on a journey across Japan’s prefectures. 
  3. At around ¥20,000 per person, Quintessence offers exceptional value given its tranquil ambiance and sublime cuisine.
  4. The restaurant has an extensive natural wine list befitting its farm-to-table ethos. 

Quintessence’s zen-like charm provides a soothing experience for couples seeking a reprieve from Tokyo’s bustle. I highly recommend this hidden gem.


Tokyo spoils couples with endless options for romantic dining. From the minimalist elegance of Kozue to Quintessence’s urban oasis, these six restaurants encapsulate the essence of romance through their ambiance, cuisine, and service. While the restaurants span diverse cuisines and settings, they share the ability to craft cherished memories. 

If you desire an unforgettable romantic evening in Tokyo, you can’t go wrong booking a table at one of these spectacular establishments. Just remember to reserve well in advance, dressed to impress and ready to savor sublime food in good company.