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Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7

Asher Jaxon
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I used to be a vicious, unrelenting serial killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7 in my old life. After being sentenced to death for my heinous crimes that took the lives of thirteen innocent people, I was unexpectedly reincarnated into an alternate world by a benevolent goddess. She visited me in a vision and gave me an important mission – to assassinate twelve other corrupt individuals who had also been reincarnated into this world. 

These twelve reincarnators had helped defeat the Demon King who once ravaged the land. As a reward, the goddess had bestowed them each with powerful cheats to aid their cause. However, letting this divine power go to their heads made the reincarnators evil, abusive rulers who now sought to control the world through tyranny and fear. I was the goddess’ chosen instrument to remove these malicious new threats and prevent them from destroying the kingdom.

While part of me still craved murder, I knew that taking on this quest was necessary to save countless lives. The reincarnators’ cheats made them practically invincible to normal fighters. But I was uniquely suited to outmaneuvering and executing dangerous targets. With careful planning, I could succeed where others would fail. There could be no hesitation – too much was at stake. I accepted my solemn duty and prepared to hunt down my prey.

Meticulously Planning My Next Moves

After covertly eliminating my first two targets, Ouga and Yamazaki, I realized the remaining reincarnators would require much more cunning and preparation to defeat. Their sheer power levels were on a scale far beyond anything I had yet faced. If I rushed in blindly, I would certainly meet a quick demise. Success required patience, intelligence and skill.

Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7
Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7

Thoroughly Researching My Enemies’ Abilities 

  •  Closely studied the goddess’ guidebook detailing the backgrounds, abilities and weaknesses of each reincarnator. This knowledge would prove invaluable in customizing my approach.
  • The most powerful and challenging targets included Sato, Ende, Kuki, Yui-Chan, Black Knight and two unnamed individuals. 
  • Sato’s cheat granted him infinite leveling potential, allowing him to become an invincible warrior. Yui-Chan could raise undead armies with her necromancy.
  • Ende could stop time itself for unknown durations. The Black Knight possessed immortality through unlimited respawns.
  • The others wielded reality warping, ultimate psychic power, and more fearsome cheats I had yet to uncover.
  •  I needed to scrutinize my targets closely to discern any loopholes or limits within their powers that I could leverage against them.

Gathering Inside Information

  • Beyond their cheats, I aimed to learn everything about my targets’ personalities, behaviors, strongholds and security.
  • By discreetly observing them from afar, I pieced together details on their routines, entourages, hideouts and other intel.
  • For instance, I discovered Yui-Chan’s childlike persona hid a sadistic heart while the Black Knight was arrogant and reckless. 
  • This surveillance was essential for finding the optimal times and locations to isolate and ambush each reincarnator when their guard was lowered.

Securing Potent Allies

  • I decided acquiring powerful allies could significantly aid my chances against the reincarnators’ might.
  • I covertly freed Lunatic, the clinically insane daughter of the former Demon King, from her imprisonment. Her prodigious strength and savagery could prove valuable.
  • I also befriended Frieyu, who ran an orphanage. While untrained in combat, her mastery of healing magic and kind heart helped ground me.
  • With Lunatic’s brawn and Frieyu’s wisdom on my side, I hoped to take down more targets. But I knew grave sacrifices might be required.

Rigorously Planning My Assaults

  • For each reincarnator, I devised cunning schemes to quickly end them before their powers overwhelmed me. 
  • To thwart Yui-Chan’s undead reinforcements, I would decapitate her then thoroughly deface her corpse so it could not be reanimated.
  • Ende could potentially be sniped from extreme range outside wherever time was frozen around him.
  • I strategized destroying the Black Knight’s spine to paralyze him, rendering his infinite revives futile.
  • Every target had an Achilles’ heel I aimed to exploit through inventive means. I explored all possible weaknesses.

Preparing Customized Equipment and Weaponry

  • To maximize my advantages, I outfitted myself with specialized armaments for assassinating each reincarnator.
  • Against physically formidable foes, I would weaken them beforehand using explosives, poisons, paralytic traps and other debilitating tools.
  • When facing powerful magic wielders, I carried enchanted blades, anti-magic crystals and other means of disrupting their spells before moving in for the kill. 
  • My expanded arsenal now included garrotes, chains, black powder grenades, spring-loaded wrist blades and numerous other death-dealers. I was prepared to get creative.
  • Once ready, I would lure my targets into tailored deathtraps where my weapons could inflict maximum harm against them.

Honing My Killer Instincts

  • Excitement at the prospect of killing again tested my self-control. I had to focus on the mission.
  • To reinforce my motivations, I mentally rehearsed each assassination, visualizing in detail the consequences if I failed.
  • I meditated daily to sharpen my killer instincts and hone my mind into a precise instrument of death. 
  • When the fateful moment arrived, I would ignore any temptation to indulge in bloodlust and efficiently execute my prey as planned.
  • The goddess was depending on me to be a savior, not the psychopathic madman I once was. I could not falter again.
Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7
Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7

Establishing My wholesome Facade

  • To avoid drawing any suspicion while plotting my attacks, I maintained the illusion of being a virtuous young priestess.
  • I regularly attended church, generously cared for orphans alongside Frieyu and projected an image of wide-eyed innocence.
  • No one suspected this supposed holy woman might secretly harbor ruthless intentions. My facade enabled me to operate undetected.
  • All the while, I mentally rehearsed my plans, ready to pivot into a cold-blooded killer once I had my unaware victim secluded.

Patience Is Key

  • Despite being prepared, I decided to wait for the optimal chances to ambush each target when they were most vulnerable.
  • Until then, I tracked their movements from the shadows, gathering any new intel while closely watching for an opening to present itself.
  • My patience and dedication to the hunt would pay off. When the killing hour finally arrived, I would employ all my cunning to exploit every weakness and permanently end my prey. 
  • For now, I kept up my harmless appearances, concealing a mind honed like a razor-sharp weapon. Soon the reincarnators’ reign of terror would end.

The Goddess’ Guidance

  • While preparing, I regularly communicated with the goddess through visions and meditation.
  • She counseled me on upholding my humanity despite the task required of me. I must kill to protect, not for pleasure.
  • The goddess reminded me of the innocents that would suffer if the reincarnators were left unchecked. This knowledge strengthened my resolve.
  • Her wisdom tempered my raging impulses, steering me towards right action for the greater good. With her light as my guide, I would prevail.

Unexpected New Target – Milza the Traitor

  • During my surveillance, I uncovered a traitor named Milza plotting to sabotage the reincarnators from within.
  • Milza secretly despised them for not sharing their power. He was surreptitiously arranging their demise out of resentful envy.
  • Unfortunately, Milza’s reckless tampering threatened to disrupt the careful plans I had set in motion.
  • I realized he needed to be silenced quickly before he compromised my mission. Milza unexpectedly became my next short-term target.

Adjusting My Strategy

Milza’s inclusion forced me to re-evaluate my approach to dealing with the reincarnators.  I decided to hold off eliminating the original targets for now and instead monitor Milza’s scheming.

If his meddling bore fruit, I could simply finish off any weakened reincarnators in the aftermath.

This could accelerate completion of my objective. However, Milza’s disloyalty also posed risks I would need to mitigate carefully.

Befriending the Traitor

  • I disguised myself and approached Milza, pretending to be interested in aiding his cause.
  • Through feigning empathy, I gained his trust and learned crucial details of his plans to betray the others.
  • Once Milza fully revealed his web of conspiracies to me, I knew exactly how to position myself to capitalize on the ensuing chaos.
  • By befriending this snake in the grass, I gained invaluable intelligence to use to my advantage when the fireworks started.

Awaiting the Coming Storm

  • Milza was determined but also chaotic and reckless. It was only a matter of time until tensions boiled over.
  • I remained patient, continuing to secretly monitor his schemes while also watching for any changes in the reincarnators’ dynamics. 
  • Soon this precarious balance would shift and chaos would erupt, opening opportunities to surgically strike amidst the confusion.
  • When that critical moment arrived, I would utilize the pandemonium to infiltrate my targets’ strongholds and methodically pick them off. 
  • Until then, I walked a delicate tightrope. My time to act drew near. The goddess’ plan was in motion.

Eliminating Milza

  1. Eventually, Milza’s weed-like roots of betrayal bore deadly fruit. His actions plunged the reincarnators into disarray.
  2. Many of their numbers were now vulnerable, isolated or otherwise handicapped. It was a perfect opening to capitalize on.
  3. But first I needed to remove Milza before he could further disrupt the situation to his unpredictable advantage.
  4. Using my intimate knowledge of his activities, I discreetly abducted Milza and administered a fast-acting poison. His meddling ceased permanently.
  5. With the joker card now out of play, I was free to methodically reap the fruits of his chaos among the rattled reincarnators. 

Infiltrating the Strongholds

  • With confusion spreading among the reincarnators’ ranks, security around their bastions weakened substantially.
  • Adopting various disguises, I infiltrated their strongholds, blending in among the panicked minions.
  • Inside, I mapped out defensive layouts and verified the locations of my targets. This intelligence would optimize my assassination plans.
  • By embedding myself in their disoriented organizations, I was a viper lying in wait, ready to strike as opportunities arose.

Stalking My Prey

As the reincarnators further turned on each other, several became isolated from their factions.

I silently tracked these separated targets, following their paranoia-fueled attempts to seek refuge. 

When the time was right, I would intersect their flight and ambush them, utilizing their fear and desperation against them.

For now, I remained unseen, letting nervousness and dread saturate my quarry’s minds before moving in for the kill.

Divide and Conquer

  • With chaos igniting infighting among the reincarnators, I tactically assassinated isolated targets one by one.
  • Exploiting their confusion and fractured unity made eliminating these deadly cheats achievable.
  • I pits them against one another, fanning paranoia while surgically removing weakened stragglers. 
  • This “divide and conquer” strategy soon had their forces whittled down to an overwhelmed handful of battered souls.

The Final Execution 

  • Only three targets remained – Ende, Black Knight and Sato. But they were worn down and lost much of their support.
  • I lured them to a prepared catacomb where I could control the conditions to my advantage.
  • After an intense battle, I succeeded in beheading Ende, paralyzing Black Knight, and binding Sato.
  • As I executed the last of these corrupted souls, I felt the balance of the world shift back towards harmony. My burden was lifting.

Reporting to the Goddess

  • With my crusade finally complete, I returned to the goddess’ temple as a changed man.
  • I laid my bloodstained weapons on the altar – they were no longer needed in this now-peaceful land.
  • The goddess congratulated me for exceeding her expectations and fulfilling my quest.
  • I had walked a fine line between light and darkness. But ultimately, the light had prevailed.

A Normal Life

  • Having prevented the reincarnators from destroying this realm, I was free to live a quiet, honest life.
  • I settled in a remote village, leaving my violent past behind me. Now I seek to heal, not harm.
  • Though sometimes haunted by memories, focusing on the simple joys around me keeps the shadows at bay.
  • By embracing peace and compassion, I honor the goddess’ gift of redemption. No more need for retribution.

My Solemn Vow

  • I shall never forget those I slayed, but their ends justified preventing greater atrocities.
  • If darkness rises again to threaten the innocent, I will take up arms without hesitation or mercy. 
  • This is my solemn vow, until my last breath – to fight evil and defend those who cannot defend themselves.
  • By the goddess’ grace, I am reborn with a noble purpose. May her light ever strengthen my resolve.