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My Experience with Jaart011

Rio Smith
Rio Smith
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When I first heard about Jaart011, I didn’t really understand what it was or why there was so much buzz surrounding it. As an aspiring artist trying to break into the industry, I was intrigued yet skeptical about this new online art platform. However, as I started to dig deeper, I realized that Jaart011 could be a game-changer not just for me but for emerging artists everywhere. 

In this article, I aim to chronicle my personal journey with Jaart011 – how I went from being a clueless novice to an enthusiast who is now exhibiting and selling artworks through this innovative platform. I will share my insights into what Jaart011 is, why it stands out, how to leverage it as an artist, and the impact it has made on the art world.


Discovering Jaart011

It all started when I came across some chatter about Jaart011 on art forums and social media. As I researched further, I uncovered the following key aspects:

  • Jaart011 is an online art platform founded in 2018 to help emerging artists gain exposure and sell their work directly to art collectors/enthusiasts. 
  • It provides services like virtual galleries, online exhibitions, and artist profiles to help artists showcase their work.
  • The mission is to bridge the gap between emerging talent and the mainstream art world. 

Though it seemed promising, I was still unsure of how legitimate or effective it would be. But as I learned more, I realized Jaart011 could be revolutionary for artists like myself trying to get a footing in the industry.

Why Jaart011 Stands Out

The more I understood Jaart011’s offerings, the more convinced I became about its immense potential. Some of its key differentiators include:

Global Exposure and Accessibility


Provides emerging artists access to an international audience from the comfort of their homes. This level of exposure is hard to achieve as a new artist.

The virtual presence transcends geographical limitations, allowing art collectors across the world to discover and purchase art.

Fosters Direct Connection Between Artists and Collectors

The platform allows artists to communicate directly with potential buyers and collectors to share insights, inspirations etc. behind their work. 

This personal connection enhances engagement and makes the buying experience more meaningful for collectors.

Minimal Commission Fees 

Unlike mainstream galleries and dealers, Jaart011 does not charge hefty commissions. This makes it financially viable for emerging artists.

Low fees ensure artists can price their art competitively, enhancing accessibility for collectors.

Collaborative Artist Community

Jaart011 facilitates connections between artists through features like forums, groups, chat etc. 

It cultivates a supportive artist network and a spirit of collaboration. As an emerging artist, I find this invaluable.

Cutting-Edge Virtual Gallery Experience

The website offers an immersive, seamless virtual art-viewing experience using interactive features.

This brings art exhibitions to life digitally in a way that feels fresh and engaging.

Joining Jaart011 as an Artist


After recognizing Jaart011’s immense potential, I decided to give it a try by creating my artist profile and uploading some artworks. The sign-up process was quick and hassle-free. All I needed to provide was basic personal and contact information. 

Here are the key steps I followed to get started:

  • Set up my profile: Added my bio, profile & cover images, social media links, website etc. This helped me establish my identity and credentials as an artist.
  • Curated online galleries:Grouped artworks into different collections/series and created online galleries for each curated collection. 
  • Uploading artworks: Added high-quality images, details like medium, size, price etc. and written descriptions for each piece. 
  • Promoted my profile: Shared my Jaart011 profile and galleries on social media handles to spread awareness. Also connected with fellow artists on the platform.

Within a few weeks of creating my profile, I started gaining more exposure and receiving encouraging feedback from site visitors. The intuitive UI made the entire process of establishing an online presence very smooth.

Benefits and Impact as an Emerging Artist

In the months since joining Jaart011, I’ve experienced first-hand how empowering this platform can be for emerging creative talent. Here are some of the key benefits I’ve noticed:

Increased Discoverability 

  • My work is now accessible to art enthusiasts from around the world. This is a huge win in terms of reaching potential buyers.
  • I have people visiting my galleries and engaging with my content from diverse geographical locations – a level of exposure I didn’t have earlier. 

Direct Communication with Collectors

The ability to directly interact with site visitors and collectors is extremely beneficial. 

I’ve had meaningful conversations that gave me insights into collectors’ perspectives and preferences. This helps me improve my art and establish lasting connections.

Made My First Sales

  • Within 2 months of joining, I successfully made my first 2 art sales through Jaart011 to collectors living abroad. 
  • The straightforward purchase process and minimal fees meant I could retain a significant portion of my earnings. A huge motivational boost!

Gained Confidence and Credibility

The positive response and sales have built my confidence in my skills and credibility as a professional artist.

This will help me continue to grow my art career.

Expanded my Network

I’ve connected with fellow artists on the platform through interactive features like forums, groups, chats etc.

We exchange valuable insights, inspiration, and encouragement. Some successful sales and collaborations have emerged from these connections.

The exposure has also led to cross-promotional opportunities on social media, further increasing my reach.

The Road Ahead

My experience with Jaart011 has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Of course, there are still challenges as an emerging artist. But a platform like this makes the journey more achievable. 

Looking ahead, I aim to:

  • Continue building my profile – add more artwork, refine my brand identity etc.
  • Be more active on interactive forums to strengthen connections.
  • Explore potential collaborations with fellow artists. 
  • Provide feedback to the Jaart011 team to help enhance the platform’s offerings.
  • Stay abreast of new features and opportunities on the site.


In conclusion, I would highly recommend Jaart011 to any emerging creator trying to establish themselves and gain real traction in the art world. The accessibility, exposure, community, and revenue potential it provides are unparalleled. 

With Jaart011’s support, I’m confident that deserving artists will get the opportunities they deserve based on their skills rather than circumstances. It represents a breakthrough for democratizing and diversifying the global art landscape. I’m excited to continue my creative journey as part of this thriving artist community.