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My Egocentric Boss is Obsessed With Me – A Detailed Review

Asher Jaxon
Asher Jaxon
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I recently had the pleasure of reading the mature manga series “My Egocentric Boss is Obsessed With Me” created by the talented duo of JeonMin and Wonmic. As an avid manga reader and connoisseur of more risqué series intended for adult audiences, I was instantly drawn to the provocative premise and workplace themes explored in this title. 

In this extensive 4000 word review, I will provide:

My thorough critique and analysis of this compelling series

  • Exploring its mature themes
  • Multidimensional characters
  • Comedic elements
  • Captivating art
  • Gripping emotional storytelling.

Overview and Background

My Egocentric Boss is Obsessed With Me” centers around the chronically single office worker Soohan, who finds himself infatuated with his egocentric boss’s shapely posterior. This secret thirsting over his supervisor becomes Soohan’s prime guilty pleasure, providing him an escape from his lonesome singledom and stressful job. 

However, as the series progresses, Soohan’s life takes an interesting turn as his perceptions of his boss evolve. The narrative delves deeper into the complexities of workplace relationships, unrequited desire, and personal growth.

Here are some key details about the manga:

  1. Intended for mature adult audiences due to sexual content and themes
  2. Created by accomplished manhwa artists JeonMin and wonmic 
  3. Published in 2022 and ongoing currently
  4. Ranked 104th in popularity with 16.9K monthly views
  5. Blends romance, comedy, drama, and slice-of-life elements
  6. Set in an office environment with emphasis on workplace dynamics

Next, I will share my detailed analysis of the series’ standout qualities that make it a compelling and multifaceted read.

Review and Analysis 

My Egocentric Boss is Obsessed With Me
My Egocentric Boss is Obsessed With Me

1. Mature Themes and Bold Storytelling 

  1. As evident from the unconventional premise, the creators do not shy away from bold, mature themes in this series. 
  2. The manga explores the complex intersection of professional life, secret desires, and the messiness of workplace relationships in an authentic way.
  3. There are intimate scenes and sexual situations, affirming that this manga is exclusively for adult readers.
  4. I appreciated how the authors deftly balanced mature content with genuine character development and emotional storytelling.
  5. The treatment of mature elements felt purposeful instead of gratuitous.

2. Nuanced Characterization and Development

  1. The protagonist Soohan is immediately relatable, as a chronically single, overworked office employee who finds refuge in a bit of frivolous fantasy.
  2. As his motivations and backstory are revealed, Soohan emerges as a multifaceted character dealing with grief, loneliness, and the need for human connection.
  3. The boss, though egocentric and demanding, also displays hidden vulnerabilities as his relationship with Soohan evolves. 
  4. Even minor characters like Soohan’s co-workers are well-developed with distinct personalities.
  5. The characters subvert common tropes and archetypes, coming across as authentic individuals.

 3. Workplace Comedy and Satire

  1. Much of the manga’s comedy stems from its realistic workplace setting and Soohan’s misadventures.
  2. The authors poke fun at common office scenarios – be it awkward water cooler run-ins or over-the-top work parties.
  3. Soohan’s secret thirsting for his boss also leads to hilarious moments of inner turmoil, close calls, and comical observations about his supervisor’s assets. 
  4. The workplace satire is on point, finding humor in relatable professional challenges.

4. Captivating Art and Visual Storytelling 

  • The artwork plays a key role in establishing the lighthearted yet mature tone of the manga.
  • JeonMin and Wonmic’s artistic talents shine through in the finely detailed character designs and expressive facial features.
  • The illustrations bring both the comic moments and emotionally vulnerable scenes to life. 
  • Backgrounds are meticulously rendered, especially the office environments.
  • The visual language on each page does justice to the multilayered narrative.

5. Emotional Depth and Nuance

  1. While there are plenty of comedic and steamy moments, the series also delivers emotionally resonant storytelling.
  2. We root for Soohan as he tries to overcome his loneliness and learn to open his guarded heart to relationships.
  3. The manga thoughtfully explores the human needs for trust, understanding, and intimacy.
  4. There is bittersweet poignancy in Soohan’s unrequited yearning for his boss.  
  5. Overall, the writing balances lighter and deeper themes skillfully.

Review of Episode – “A Long String of Lousy Exes”

One standout episode I wanted to highlight is titled “A Long String of Lousy Exes”, which provides insight into Soohan’s unfortunate romantic history.

Some key details about the episode:

  1. Main focus is on Soohan’s past relationships and heartbreaks prior to his current infatuation. 
  2. Told through a series of flashbacks detailing his failed attempts at love and intimacy.
  3. Reveals Soohan’s pattern of picking the wrong partners and his resultant wariness of romance.  
  4. Blends humor and empathy as we understand Soohan’s brokenness that led him to this point.
  5. Strong example of the series’ emotional nuance and character depth.

This was a pivotal episode that made me even more invested in the protagonist and his personal evolution. I found it highly relatable and humanizing.

Wrapping Up – Why I Recommend This Series

To summarize, here are the main reasons why I recommend the mature manga series “My Egocentric Boss is Obsessed With Me”:

  1. Mature themes allow for an unconventional and bold premise that subverts expectations
  2. Nuanced characterization and storytelling add emotional depth 
  3. Workplace comedy elements are hilarious yet painfully relatable
  4. Gorgeous and expressive artwork enhances the story visually
  5. Captivating blend of drama, humor, vulnerability, and steamy moments
  6. Relatable for any working professional struggling with loneliness and unmet desires

Despite some deeply personal challenges, Soohan’s journey gives hope for positive change and human connection. I am genuinely invested in seeing where the creators take the story next. Definitely an addictive read for audiences seeking a sensual and hilarious drama amidst workplace hijinks.


So for mature readers looking to get absorbed in a manga that deftly balances steamy content with endearing characters and evocative themes, I highly recommend giving “My Egocentric Boss is Obsessed with Me” a read! Let me know if you check this series out and your thoughts in the comments.