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Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni BL Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita

Asher Jaxon
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My name is Asher Jaxon and I’m what you may call an “isekai BL gamer.” What does this mean? Well, let me start from the beginning. I’ve always loved games, especially RPGs and dating sims. 

However, I also had a secret interest in BL (Boys Love) content. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon the light novel and manga series “Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni BL Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita.” This title translates to “I Loved Big Breasts, But I Was Reincarnated into a BL Game.” Quite the unusual premise, isn’t it? In this article, I’ll share my experiences diving into this crazy isekai BL world.

Getting to Know the BL Game World

When I first started “Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni BL Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita,” I was thrilled to explore the game mechanics and characters. 

The Premise

  • The main character is a guy who gets reincarnated into an otome game with BL routes
  • He originally liked women with big breasts before being reincarnated
  • Now he has to navigate dating the male characters in order to survive

Impressions of the Game World

  • The fantasy RPG setting is immersive and intricate
  • The characters feel multi-dimensional with unique personalities 
  • The romantic interactions range from sweet to steamy

Overall, the premise creates ample humor and an engaging journey for the protagonist.

Mechanics of Playing the BL Game

  • Dialogue choices influence relationship points with the characters
  • Special CG scenes and story branches open up as affection grows
  • Mini-games and battles allow you to boost stats and skills
  • Multiple endings exist based on route choices

The gameplay provides plenty of replay value to experience all relationship outcomes.

Diving into the BL Routes

Now for the fun part – actually playing through the romantic BL routes! Here are my experiences getting to know the love interests:

Frederic: The Childhood Friend

  • Known him since youth, comfortable rapport 
  • Supports MC the most emotionally
  • Heartfelt confession scene by the pond

Frederic’s route felt nostalgic and sentimental. The progression from friends to lovers was heartwarming.

Lawrence: The Sarcastic Academic

  • Pretends to not care but has a secret soft side
  • Bonds with MC through intellectual debates
  • Dramatic kiss in the rain sealed the deal

I enjoyed peeling back Lawrence’s snarky layers to uncover his romantic interior. The juxtaposition between his personality and tender moments made his route impactful.

Wolf: The Gruff Warrior

  • Serious lone wolf who rarely smiles
  • Shows his caring side through small actions
  • Passionate kiss after protecting MC in battle

Wolf’s gradual opening up through his route was swoon-worthy. Going from cold to hopelessly in love made his character development rewarding. 

Shiba: The Playful Childhood Rival 

  • Known MC since childhood too but as a rival
  • Constantly teases and tries to get a reaction
  • Heart-pounding confession full of sentiment

Shiba’s playful rivalry added spice to the friends-to-lovers dynamic. His hidden adoration underneath the provocations made his route thoroughly engaging.

Reflecting on My Isekai BL Gaming Experience

Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni BL Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita
Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni BL Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita

Playing “Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni BL Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita” as an isekai BL gamer proved to be quite the memorable rollercoaster. Here are some reflections:

On BL Storytelling 

  1. Nuanced character development and relationship building
  2. Thoughtful handling of romantic moments 
  3. Unique personality dynamics compared to traditional romance

I was impressed by the depth of the BL storytelling. It exceeded my expectations and changed my perspective.

On Putting Myself in the MC’s Shoes

  1. Immersing myself in the MC’s humorously unexpected situation
  2. Empathizing with the confusion, tension, and delight 
  3. Appreciating the creativity behind the isekai BL premise

Stepping into the protagonist’s shoes in such an original isekai scenario greatly amplified my engagement.

On Exploring New BL Perspectives  

  1. Exposure to different character archetypes and relationship structures
  2. Seeing tender sides to seemingly cold/aggressive love interests 
  3. Learning about nuances of romantic intimacy between men

Venturing into the BL game world broadened my understanding of love and sexuality in thought-provoking ways.

Lasting Impact on Me as a Gamer

While my isekai BL gaming endeavors began out of curiosity, the experience left a lasting impact on me.

Fostering Open-Mindedness

  • Becoming more open-minded towards unfamiliar content 
  • Learning not to judge something before giving it a try myself
  • Appreciating perspectives beyond my own

The rewarding journey cultivated a sense of openness and empathy in me. 

Discovering New Interests

  1. Finding enjoyment in a genre I’d never explored before 
  2. realizing our interests can evolve and expand over time
  3. Seeking out more high-quality BL content

I uncovered budding interests that enriched my identity as a gamer.

 Cherishing Inclusive Communities

  1. Discussing the game with fellow open-minded gamers
  2. Bonding over appreciation for creativity and storytelling
  3. Valuing non-judgmental spaces welcoming diverse perspectives

Sharing the experience with my community reinforced the magic of inclusive spaces.

Looking Ahead as an Isekai BL Gamer

Looking back, I’m amazed how a random BL game twisted my life in such an unexpected way. Looking forward, I feel excited about the new gaming horizons ahead.

Continuing My BL Game Journey

  • Eagerly anticipating more immersive BL game worlds 
  • Hoping to see innovation in BL game mechanics and formats
  • Playing more titles in the “Tensei Shimashita” series 

My intro to BL gaming sparked an eagerness to continue exploring the genre.

Participating in the Growing Community

  1. Contributing more to BL game discussions
  2. Creating fan content to complement BL games
  3. Supporting inclusion and constructive dialogues  

I look forward to engaging more with fellow fans and advocating for inclusive values.

Retaining My Open and Curious Mindset

  1. Staying receptive when discovering unfamiliar games
  2. Balancing an open mind with critical analysis
  3. Remembering the rewarding payoff of giving something different a try

Stepping outside my comfort zone taught me valuable lessons about openness. I won’t forget them moving forward.


My unexpected isekai journey into the world of “Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni BL Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita” turned out to be one of the most meaningful gaming experiences I’ve had. 

Although the premise seemed absurd at first, it demonstrated the creative storytelling, emotional depth, and open-minded fun the BL genre can offer. 

My perspectives expanded greatly, leaving me eager to further explore BL gaming. I’m grateful this title came into my life and set me on a path to embracing inclusion and diversity. To any gamers curious about BL – have an open mind, and you may just discover wonderful new worlds like I did!