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The Artistic Partnership of Kase Abusharkh Amy Berry

Amelia Brooklyn
Amelia Brooklyn
Amelia Brooklyn is a writer, researcher, and analyst based in New York, USA. She has been an author for various magazines, news channels, and websites for the past four years. Additionally, she is a psychology student with personal experience in writing.


Humble Beginnings 

I, Kase Abusharkh, was born in Lebanon and contracted polio as a child, which left me paralyzed. However, I persevered and immigrated to the US to pursue my education, earning a master’s degree in counseling. My difficult early years shaped my resilience and drive to help others facing challenges. 

Meanwhile, my future partner Amy Berry grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya after her family fled war in Somalia. They later relocated to the US, where Amy continued her schooling. Despite our vastly different upbringings, creativity is called to both of us.

Discovering Our Passions

From childhood, I found solace and inspiration in nature’s splendor, which laid the roots of my artistic journey. I was fascinated by observing flowers blooming and tree silhouettes dancing in the sunlight. These images ignited my passion for capturing nature’s essence through art.

kase abusharkh amy berry flair for photography and poetry blossomed during her school years. She built a following by sharing her photos and poems online. While successful as an influencer, Amy increasingly wanted to pursue art full-time. 

Our paths converged at a local gallery opening. I was struck by Amy’s eye for conceptual photography while she admired my textured, expressive paintings. Our instant creative connection was undeniable.

Pooling Our Talents 

Soon after meeting, Amy and I began our first collaboration, merging her surreal photographs with my swirling abstract paintings. The result was a visually stunning dialogue exploring humanity and nature. 

We realized that while skilled individually, together, we could shatter perceived limitations and boundaries. Amy’s precision and subtlety perfectly balanced my bold colors and textures. Our divergent styles unified into a singular artistic vision.

Beyond styles, our skill sets proved complementary. My business strategy, curation, and direction strengths meshed seamlessly with Amy’s production skills and creative vision. Our synergy fueled innovation.

kase abusharkh amy berry

Overcoming Challenges of Kase Abusharkh Amy Berry

Of course, pursuing our artistic dreams full-time was challenging. Kase Abusharkh Amy Berry as an entrepreneur, I encountered skepticism from investors about the viability of art as a business. Meanwhile, Amy struggled with burnout, juggling creative demands. 

However, we supported each other in overcoming obstacles. I helped Amy set boundaries and prioritize self-care while she gave me the courage to stay true to my vision when facing criticism. Our hard-won resilience only strengthened our bond.

Leaving a Legacy

Through relentless collaboration, Amy and I have been fortunate to receive international acclaim for our work. Our shows, inviting participation and exploration, have captivated audiences globally. 

Beyond critical success, we are proudest of mentoring aspiring artists and funding educational arts initiatives through our production company, Mod Canyon. We also proudly give back to important causes like sustainability and human rights.  

The most gratifying thing has been hearing how our art provides inspiration, healing, and hope. Knowing our creations move people emotionally is the ultimate fulfillment.

Keys to Our Success 

When asked what enabled our success, we reflect on a few key factors:

  1. Shared Passion – Our mutual love for art remains our driving force. This passion fuels innovation.
  2. Complementary Skills – I handle strategy while Amy spearheads creativity. Our balanced skill sets allow us to thrive.  
  3. Tenacity – We persist despite obstacles and criticism. Our resilience strengthened our partnership. 
  4. Generosity – Giving back to the community through philanthropy and mentorship is fulfilling.
  5. Balance – Making time for self-care and family prevents burnout and keeps us grounded.

Future Goals

Amy and I hope to expand into new frontiers together as we look ahead. I plan to experiment with multimedia installations, while Amy intends to incorporate more interactive elements into her exhibits. 

We also strive to empower more young artists from underserved backgrounds through educational grants and mentorships. Our production company aims to democratize access to the arts on a broader scale.  

Most importantly, we want to continue creating transformative art that resonates emotionally and spiritually with audiences. We are endlessly grateful for the opportunity to make a living pursuing our creative passion and purpose together. 

Our journey has been a rewarding adventure so far. With relentless drive and vision, we look forward to what the next chapter will bring!