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Rio Smith
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I’m a passionate foodie who loves to travel and experience new cuisines and cultures. Recently, I came across while searching for unique food tours and culinary adventures. The website immediately captivated me with its promise of extraordinary gastronomic journeys to tantalize my taste buds.

As I explored the site, I was thrilled by the diverse array of food-focused trips on offer. From Vietnam to Mexico, Georgia to Morocco, spans the globe with mouthwatering tours guided by local experts. The adventures went beyond just tasting food—they provided opportunities to connect with cultures, learn from cooks, and create lifelong food memories. I was hooked and couldn’t wait to book my first tour!

Choosing the Perfect Food Adventure Tour

With so many tempting food tours, choosing just one was difficult! I carefully looked through each tantalizing option, considering the cuisines, activities, destinations, and my own interests.

Here are some of my top contenders:

  1. Balkans Real Food Adventure: This 8-day tour of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia appealed to my sense of adventure. Exploring under-the-radar Balkan cuisine and culture sounded incredible.
  2. Vietnam Real Food Adventure: The flavors of Vietnam fascinate me. This 2-week journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City would allow me to dive deep into Vietnam’s storied culinary traditions.
  3. Mexico Real Food Adventure: 9 activity-packed days tasting mole in Oaxaca and street eats in Mexico City? I was drooling just thinking about the tacos, salsas, and more!
  4. Morocco Real Food Adventure: Tagines, couscous, mint tea…I wanted to immerse myself in Morocco’s aromatic cuisine. This trip hit spots like Marrakech, the Sahara Desert, and Essaouira.

Ultimately, I chose the Mexico Real Food Adventure. Here’s why:

  1. My palate craved Mexican flavors after reading enticing trip details about tasting mole in Oaxaca.
  2. Exploring markets with local chefs sounded incredible. I wanted an interactive, hands-on food tour.
  3. The itinerary hit top spots like Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Puebla which I’ve always wanted to visit.
  4. The tour duration of 9 days was perfect for my schedule.
  5. It seemed like an amazing value for the price.

I was thrilled to have my tour selected and ready for booking! The anticipation of savoring authentic Mexican cuisine had my mouth watering.

Booking My Food Adventure

Booking my Mexico Real Food Adventure was simple and seamless with Here is a step-by-step overview:

Online Booking Process:

  1. I went to the website and found the Food Tours page.
  2. I clicked on the Mexico Real Food Adventure and hit the “Book Now” button.
  3. This took me to a booking form where I entered my personal details and trip preferences like rooming and dietary needs.
  4. Next, I made my payment securely through the site’s encrypted checkout system.
  5. Finally, I received a confirmation email with an e-voucher, invoice, and pre-departure packet.

The online booking process took around 15 minutes total. I appreciated how easy made trip planning and purchasing.

Helpful Booking Resources:

  1. Travel Specialists: I could have called the 24/7 travel specialists to book instead. However, the online process proved quick and convenient.
  2. Promo Codes: I joined the email list for access to special travel deals and promo codes. Saving money is always a recipe for happiness!
  3. Booking Flexibility: One thing I loved was the flexible cancellation policy. I could change plans up to 21 days before departure and get a full refund. This gave great peace of mind.

Preparing for My Foodie Adventure:

After booking my Mexico Real Food Adventure, I had a few months to get ready. Here’s how I prepared:

  1. Got my passport and travel documents in order.
  2. Read up on Mexican food, culture, history, and language basics.
  3. Upgraded my camera equipment to document my culinary travels.
  4. Started planning what recipes I’d attempt post-tour based on what I ate!
  5. Looked into packing essentials like motion sickness pills, Pepto tablets, and Dramamine to stay comfortable on long transit days.
  6. Downloaded a Mexico City metro app and mapped out top sites near our hotel.

By the time departure day arrived, I felt well prepared and so excited for the gastronomic adventure ahead! The meticulous planning by made me confident I was in good hands.

Embarking on My Food Tour

At long last, the big day arrived! As I set out on my Mexico Real Food Adventure, I did so with an open mind, curious palate, and hungry belly.

Flying In

My flight touched down in Mexico City right on schedule. had arranged an airport transfer to our hotel which made the arrival process smooth and stress-free. I met a few fellow foodie travelers along the way – friendships were already blossoming!

Mexico City

Our Mexico City hotel was centrally located, putting us steps from incredible restaurants and markets. The day tours took us to landmarks like Frida Kahlo’s house and the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral. But naturally, the food was the real star!

My memorable Mexico City eats included:

  1. Tacos al pastor from street food stands in Roma Norte neighborhood. The juicy pork and sweet pineapple blew my mind!
  2. A food tour in the massive Central de Abasto market. We got to sample an array of chiles, cheese, tacos, and produce.
  3. Cochinita pibil and cochinita en relleno negro at El Califa – some of the best Yucatecan food I’ve ever tasted!
  4. Touring Maize, the award-winning Mexican cuisine restaurant. Their contemporary mole and ceviche dishes were works of art.


After 3 days in Mexico City, we took a short flight to Oaxaca. This charming colonial city is considered the heart of indigenous Mexican cuisine. On our Oaxaca food adventures, we:

  1. Learned how to make mole from scratch at a cooking class – a truly hands-on experience! My mole rojo turned out delicious.
  2. Ate endless freshly made tortillas, salsas, and street eats at the bustling Central de Abastos market.
  3. Toured the artisanal food shops at El Mercado 20 de Noviembre. The array of chocolates, cheeses, spices, and crafts was astounding.
  4. Had an incredible “foodie tour” dinner at Casa Oaxaca – 7 courses of Oaxaca’s finest cuisine. It exceeded all expectations!


Our last stop was the beautiful city of Puebla, known for its incredible colonial architecture and amazing food scene. Food highlights here included:

  1. Learning to make traditional poblano mole poblano at a cooking class in a 16th-century monastery.
  2. Tasting Puebla’s famed cemita sandwiches at street food markets and restaurants. Layers of avocado, chipotle, and freshly baked bread – heavenly!
  3. Sampling tropical fruits and handmade candies at the delightful Mercado de Dulces y Artesanías.
  4. Exploring the charming El Parián market in the historic center. Vendors sold spices, produce, antiques, and more. It captured Puebla’s vibrant spirit.

Favorite Flavors

It’s hard to choose stand-out dishes from a tour packed with incredible food memories. But here are a few favorites that left lasting impressions:

  1. The complexly layered flavors of rich mole poblano sauces.
  2. Mexico City’s melt-in-your-mouth tacos al pastor.
  3. Freshly pressed tortillas still warm from local tortillas.
  4. Chiles en nogada, a beautifully presented stuffed pepper dish.
  5. Street eats like elotes, esquites, and Mexican-style hot dogs.

Food Souvenirs

Of course, I had to bring back edible souvenirs to share the flavors of Mexico back home! Some treats in my suitcase included:

  1. Oaxacan chocolate from Mercado 20 de Noviembre
  2. Handmade candy from Dulceria Corazon Azteca
  3. Dried chiles, herbs, and mole paste for cooking
  4. Vanilla extract from Papantla vanilla plantation
  5. Quesillo Oaxacan string cheese
  6. Packets of pico de gallo seasoning

These food souvenirs would keep memories of