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I’m Not That Kind of Talent Manga

Amelia Brooklyn
Amelia Brooklyn
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I first encountered the manga “I’m not that kind of talent manga” a few months ago when I was looking for a new fantasy series to read. At first glance, the premise seemed quite interesting – a sickly main character named Dion Hart who has a secret alter ego as the powerful Count Hart. I decided to try the series and was quickly drawn to the unique story and captivating art style. I will provide an in-depth summary and analysis of this intriguing manga in this long-form article.

Overview of the Story and Main Characters

“I’m Not That Kind of Talent” revolves around the main protagonist, Dion Hart. Dion is a frail, weak and sickly young man who vomits blood whenever he gets stressed or worked up. However, unbeknownst to most, Dion also has a secret identity – the mysterious and powerful Count Hart.

Count Hart is an intimidating figure who is feared and misunderstood by others. People assume Count Hart is a ruthless and strong warrior. But in reality, the Count is Dion’s alter ego that manifests whenever Dion needs to protect himself.

This dichotomy between Dion’s weak exterior and Count Hart’s fierce persona is the story’s main premise. Other key characters include:

  1. Lucy – Dion’s kind maid and confidant who knows his secret
  2. Duke Cedric – The antagonist who tries to expose Dion’s secrets
  3. Prince Ethan – A prince who becomes an ally to Dion against Cedric

The story follows Dion’s efforts to keep his Count Hart persona hidden while enemies like Cedric try to reveal his secrets and take advantage of his weakness.

In-Depth Summary by Volume

Volume 1 of I’m Not That Kind of Talent Manga

  1. The first volume introduces us to Dion Hart and his backstory. We learn that as a child, Dion was sickly and weak. But one day, he was attacked by a wolf and unknowingly transformed into Count Hart, easily defeating the wolf.
  2. Ever since that fateful day, Count Hart appears whenever Dion is stressed or feels threatened. Dion keeps this other persona a secret from everyone except his trusted maid Lucy.
  3. At a royal banquet, the antagonist Duke Cedric suspects Dion is not who he seems. He starts scheming to expose Dion’s secret.
  4. The volume ends with Dion as Count Hart getting tricked into a fight with the fierce swordsman Viscount Rowan as part of Cedric’s plot.

Volume 2 of I’m Not That Kind of talent manga

  1. The volume starts with Dion as Count Hart battling Viscount Rowan. Though physically weaker, Dion cleverly outsmarts Rowan and defeats him.
  2. Impressed by this, Prince Ethan approaches Dion and they become allies. Ethan confides that he also dislikes Cedric.
  3. Cedric continues plotting against Dion, at one point kidnapping Lucy to lure Count Hart into a trap. Of course, Dion manages to save Lucy.
  4. Near the volume’s end, Cedric strips Dion of his noble title out of spite, hoping to stress Dion and trigger Count Hart’s emergence.

Volume 3 of I’m Not That Kind of Talent Manga

  1. Now powerless without his noble status, Dion flees the capital with Lucy. Ethan promises to restore Dion’s status when he can.
  2. While wandering, Dion and Lucy are attacked by assassins sent by Cedric. This causes Count Hart to appear and defeat them. But Lucy gets injured protecting Dion.
  3. Furious at the attack hurting Lucy, Dion heads back to confront Cedric directly. He openly transforms into Count Hart in front of Cedric for the first time.
  4. Count Hart thoroughly overpowers Cedric and his henchmen for harming Lucy. Ethan arrives and restores Dion’s noble status.
  5. The volume ends with Dion returning to his normal, sickly self now that Lucy is safe. But he wonders if he can ever reveal his secret to the wider world.

Analysis of Major Themes and Style

Looking at the overall story and arcs, some major themes clearly stand out:

Duality of Weakness and Strength

  1. The contrast between Dion’s weak exterior and Count Hart’s incredible strength is central to the narrative and Dion’s character.
  2. It explores how people have different sides to them that others may not see.

Perseverance Over Adversity

  1. Despite his sickness, Dion perseveres against those who try to hurt him by tapping into his inner strength as Count Hart.
  2. His determination to protect his loved ones ultimately lets him defeat enemies who underestimate him.

Acceptance of Oneself

  1. An important arc is Dion learning to accept both his weakness as Dion and his power as Count Hart.
  2. By the end, he is more comfortable using Count Hart’s power when needed while still being his true self.

Art Style and Tone

  1. The art utilizes a colorful fantasy style with vibrant scenery and detailed characters.
  2. Dion is drawn as pale and thin to highlight his fragility, while Count Hart has a dark, intimidating visual design.
  3. The story’s tone balances serious drama and action with humorous moments between Dion, Lucy and others.

Why I Enjoyed This Manga

Looking back, there are several key reasons why I found myself getting absorbed into “I’m Not That Kind of Talent”:

  1. Dion is an appealing underdog protagonist. As an initially helpless person who finds inner strength, Dion is easy to root for. His compassion for Lucy makes him very likable.
  2. The story offers thoughtful commentary on strengths and weaknesses. The idea that people are more complex than they first appear resonated strongly with me.
  3. Count Hart provides awesome action scenes. The fights with Viscount Rowan and others were always exciting highlights.
  4. The bond between Dion and Lucy is heartwarming. Their genuine care and devotion for one another injected moments of sweetness into the drama.
  5. Cedric works well as an entitled, slimy villain. As Dion’s foil and antagonist, Cedric was fun to root against.
  6. It has a good mix of drama, action and humor. The story balanced serious parts with enough moments of levity, so it never got too dark.

Lasting Impressions and Legacy

In the end, while not too long, “I’m Not That Kind of Talent” tells a satisfyingly complete story over the course of 3 volumes. Dion undergoes meaningful growth from a meek and hidden individual to someone more confident in using his strengths for good. The central relationship between Dion and Lucy remains a touching highlight.

While probably not destined to be regarded as an all-time classic manga series, “I’m Not That Kind of Talent” deserves credit for creativity. The way it frames Dion’s dual personas and explores the theme of hidden depths is certainly unique. For any fans of quirky fantasy manga, I would definitely recommend giving this overlooked gem of a series a read. The engaging story and charming characters ensure that the time spent within its pages is time well spent.