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Geekzilla Podcast – Review

Aiden Quinn
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As an avid listener of pop culture, gaming, and tech podcasts, I was excited to discover the Geekzilla podcast, hosted by John and Sarah. After binge listening to their entire back catalog, I wanted to provide an in-depth review of this entertaining and informative podcast.

Overview of the Podcast

Geekzilla podcast is a weekly podcast focused on all things entertainment and tech. The hosts, John and Sarah, describe themselves as “knowledgeable and entertaining geeks” who dive deep into the topics they are passionate about.

Some key things to know about Geekzilla:

  1. Release Schedule: New episodes come out every Friday and are available on all major podcast platforms.
  2. Episode Length: Episodes are generally 60-90 minutes long.
  3. Format: The hosts discuss news and new releases, review media like TV shows and games, and share recommendations. There are also interviews with special guests.
  4. Hosts: John and Sarah have great chemistry and balance each other out nicely. John is the tech/gaming guru while Sarah specializes in movies, TV, and pop culture.

Detailed Review of the Hosts

Let’s take a closer look at hosts John and Sarah, the beating heart of the Geekzilla podcast.

John – The Tech Expert

As a tech journalist and self-proclaimed “gadget geek,” John really knows his stuff when it comes to new advancements and innovations. He always has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the tech world. Some of the topics he covers include:

  1. Tech news: John shares the latest product launches, company rumors, and interesting trends in the world of technology. He has insightful takes on the analysis and impact of tech news.
  2. Phone/device reviews: Each time a new smartphone or gadget comes out, John provides in-depth reviews examining the specs, new features, and overall user experience.
  3. Gaming: John is an avid gamer who enjoys video games across all platforms – console, PC, and mobile. He previews upcoming games, reviews new releases, and reports on gaming news.

Sarah – The Pop Culture Expert

Sarah is like a walking encyclopedia of movies, TV shows, and all things entertainment. She shines when sharing her thoughts on the latest pop culture releases and franchises. Sarah’s areas of expertise include:

  1. Movies: Whether it’s a superhero blockbuster, indie film, or animation, Sarah has probably seen it. She dissects new movies, analyzes casting choices and direction, and recommends must-watch films.
  2. TV shows: Sarah watches all the hot new shows and binge-worthy classics. She catches every subtle plot twist and character development. Her TV reviews round up both the hits and misses of the small screen.
  3. Comics/manga: As a lifelong comic book fan, Sarah loves dissecting the latest comic issues and graphic novel releases. She also has an encyclopedic manga knowledge.

The yin and yang of John and Sarah’s expertise makes them a balanced and formidable team. They have great on-air chemistry and you can tell they’re longtime friends.

Recurring Segments and Special Episodes Of Geekzilla podcast

Beyond the regular news and reviews, Geekzilla podcast has a number of special segments and episode types to spice things up:

  1. Rapid Fire Recommendations: John and Sarah alternate sharing “nerdy loves” – various movies, shows, games or products they’re enjoying. It’s a fun way to discover hidden gems.
  2. Guest Interviews: Almost once a month, the hosts bring on guests like authors, actors, developers, and experts in their field for insightful interviews.
  3. Mailbag Episodes: Every few weeks, John and Sarah answer listener questions sent in through email, social media, and their online forum.
  4. Con Coverage: When conference season hits, the hosts travel to all the major cons to report back on groundbreaking announcements, panels, and exclusives.
  5. Geeky Debates: When the hosts disagree on something, they’ll have pointed yet friendly debates over topics like “Which Superhero Movie Was the Best?”

Why Listen to the Geekzilla podcast?

After listening to Geekzilla for many weeks now, I’m comfortable giving it a full endorsement for the following reasons:

Fun Hosts with Great Chemistry

John and Sarah balance each other perfectly. They disagree at times, but not in an annoying way. The back-and-forth banter between them makes you feel like you’re hanging out with friends. They’re amusing, insightful, and have a contagious enthusiasm.

Passionate Fans Share Deep Knowledge

It’s clear that John and Sarah don’t just casually enjoy these topics – they live and breathe them! The depth of obscure knowledge across gaming, movies, manga, tech, and more is impressive. As fans themselves, they deliver the context and nuance that casual pop culture fans might miss.

Content Ties Together Old and New

The hosts don’t just focus on what’s new. They regularly tie together older games, shows, and comics into the current discussion, showing how it all connects together. This adds nice context for understanding new releases.

Something for Everyone

Even though I’m more partial to the movie and TV discussion, I still really enjoy listening to John geek out over the latest gadgets and video games. The variety ensures there’s something interesting for all types of nerds and pop culture junkies.

Positive Vibe and Community

The hosts are uplifting, enthusiastic, and clearly have fun recording each episode. They also nurture a vibrant online community of “Geekers” through their forum, social media, and special mailbag episodes.

Covering the Latest Nerdy News and Releases

One of my favorite aspects of the Geekzilla podcast is getting the hosts’ takes on the latest pop culture and tech news and releases. Here are some examples of topics they’ve covered recently:

  1. Movies: Reviews of major superhero movies like Black Panther 2, indie horrors like Pearl, and the new Mario animated movie.
  2. TV: Recaps and reactions to shows like House of the Dragon, Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Willow, and Star Trek: Discovery.
  3. Gaming: Previews of anticipated games like Starfield, Resident Evil 4 remake, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Reviews of new releases like God of War Ragnarök and Pentiment.
  4. Tech: Analysis of new product announcements like the PlayStation VR 2, Nvidia RTX 4080 GPUs, and Pixel Watch. Reviews of phones like iPhone 14 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.
  5. Comics: Reviews of comic events like Dark Crisis and Jane Foster as Mighty Thor. The hosts also discuss Marvel and DC movie/TV show adaptations.
  6. Anime/Manga: Reviews of new anime like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Chainsaw Man. Discussion of highly-anticipated anime-to-live action adaptations like Cowboy Bebop and One Piece.

The hosts clearly do their homework prior to recording each episode. They’re able to provide context, insider info, and a balanced perspective on the latest releases big and small.

Guest Interviews Provide Unique Insights

While John and Sarah are extremely knowledgeable, one of my favorite parts of Geekzilla are the guest interviews. They’ve had a diverse range of guests that add unique perspectives, including:


Interviews with authors like Brandon Sanderson, Margaret Atwood, and Andy Weir about their latest novels. The hosts ask insightful questions about their writing process, literary influences, and more.


Behind-the-scenes interviews with showrunners, directors, and lead writers of popular shows like The Boys, The Wheel of Time, and Star Trek: Lower Decks.


John and Sarah feature exclusive interviews with game developers talking about their upcoming releases. Recent guests have included studios like Santa Monica (God of War), Infinity Ward (Call of Duty), and Nintendo.


Occasionally actors will come on the show to promote their recent projects. Guests have included Anthony Mackie, Paul Dano, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Industry Experts

To provide analysis on news or trends, the hosts bring on reputable experts like tech journalists, movie critics, historians, and more.

The guest interviews add new perspectives to balance out the hosts’ takes. Fans get to hear directly from the creators and talent behind their favorite entertainment and tech.

Engaging Segment Types Beyond Reviews

While the hosts’ banter and discussion of the latest releases is the core of most episodes, the Geekzilla podcast incorporates some fun segment types to mix things up, including:

Rapid Fire Recommendations

This high-energy segment features John and Sarah alternating back-and-forth sharing entertainment recommendations with little explanation. It moves fast, with the recommendations including odd hidden gems you wouldn’t find otherwise.