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Flamingo Jeans Review

Luna Ember
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As someone who has struggled to find jeans that fit my curves perfectly, I was thrilled when I discovered Flamingo Jeans. Their focus on comfort, quality materials, and inclusive sizing has made them my go-to jean brand. Here’s my personal review of Flamingo Jeans after buying and wearing several pairs over the past year:

What Makes Flamingo Jeans Special

Flamingo Jeans stands out from other jean brands in several key ways:

Their Commitment to Fit

  1. Flamingo Jeans emphasizes fit above all else. Their goal is to enhance your curves and give you a flawless fit.
  2. They use high-tech virtual fit models and fit clinics to perfect the pattern of each style.
  3. Over 95% of customers report finding their perfect fit with Flamingo Jeans. This is almost unheard of in the jean industry!

Their Use of Premium Materials

  1. Flamingo Jeans uses high-quality, soft, stretchy fabrics designed to move with your body.
  2. I’ve found their jeans to be super comfortable while retaining their shape all day long. No sagging or losing form.
  3. They use innovative techniques like contouring side seams and sew-free hems for an ultra-smooth fit.

Their Inclusive Sizing

  1. Flamingo offers an extensive size range from 00-20 including petite, tall, and plus sizes.
  2. Their size guide provides detailed measurements for each style and fit type. This makes it easy to select your ideal size.
  3. As a petite woman, I love that they offer not just smaller sizes but properly proportioned lengths for us shorties!

Standout Jean Styles from Flamingo

Over the past year, I’ve purchased and loved wearing several Flamingo Jeans styles including:

The Ariana High Rise Skinny Jeans

  1. With ample stretch and a contouring high waistband, these are perfect for enhancing your curves.
  2. I love the super soft fabric that molds to my shape while adding lift in all the right places.
  3. The hem hits right at my ankle bone for a polished look I can dress up or down.

The Colette Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans

  1. I adore the vintage feel of these relaxed bootcut jeans. They are so flattering and comfortable.
  2. The mid rise is high enough to be smooth but doesn’t dig in when I sit or bend.
  3. The leg shape balances out curvier hips and thighs beautifully. These quickly became my weekend go-to.

The Layla Low Rise Straight Leg Jeans

  1. I was skeptical about low rise jeans until I tried these! The waistband is designed to sit below your curves so no muffin top.
  2. The straight leg silhouette looks so chic and elongates my petite frame.
  3. These have the perfect amount of stretch to keep their structure but feel like wearing leggings.

Why Flamingo Jeans Work So Well

Based on my experience wearing multiple pairs of Flamingo Jeans, there are a few standout reasons why they work so well:

The Curved Waistbands Don’t Gap

  1. All Flamingo jeans feature a signature curved waistband that contours your body to avoid gapping in the back.
  2. I never have to worry about my jeans sagging down and exposing my backside, a problem I constantly battled with other brands.

The Stretch Fabric Moves With You

  1. Flamingo denim has the perfect amount of stretch and recovery. The jeans fit me like a glove while allowing full range of motion.
  2. I can squat, lunge, and bend over without feeling restricted. Yet they always snap back into shape, never baggy or distorted.

The Lengths Fit All Heights

  1. As a petite woman, I love that Flamingo offers not just smaller sizes but properly proportioned inseams and leg openings for us shorties!
  2. The jeans are tailored to your height so there’s no bunching, gapping, or dragging.
  3. Whether you’re tall, short, or average height, Flamingo has thoughtfully designed their jeans to fit YOU.

The Waistbands Don’t Gap or Pinch

  1. Flamingo jeans lie smooth and flat against my midsection. No pinching, squeezing, or creating muffin tops.
  2. They use innovative techniques like inner waistband boning and silicone grip strips to prevent sliding and gapping.
  3. The waistbands hit at just the right spot on my waist to stay in place without squeezing.

I’ve tried many jean brands over the years in my quest to find the perfect fit. Here’s how Flamingo Jeans stack up against some other popular labels:


  1. Levi’s run large in sizes and often gap at the waist on me. The rigid denim also lacks adequate stretch for curvy figures.
  2. Flamingo Jeans have a more tailored fit, hold their shape better, and have more comfortable stretch.

Lucky Brand

  1. While Lucky Brand fits me nicely, their jeans tend to stretch out and lose their shape by end of day.
  2. Flamingo Jeans fabric rebounds perfectly every time so my jeans look great from morning to night.


  1. Madewell jeans have a nice ultra high rise but the legs run large on me. Flamingo skinny jeans fit my legs and ankles more smoothly.
  2. Madewell also lacks size diversity. Flamingo wins for their inclusive petite, tall, and plus-size offerings.

True Religion

  1. I love the edgy details and fun washes of True Religion jeans. However, their fabric lacks stretch causing some pulling and gaping.
  2. Flamingo Jeans have the perfect amount of give to prevent any gapping on curvy figures. The fit is flawless.

Why I’m Hooked on Flamingo Jeans

I can’t say enough good things about Flamingo Jeans. Here’s a summary of why I’m hooked for good:

  1. The incredible fit – Their jeans fit my body like no other brand. I always feel confident and comfortable in them.
  2. Consistent quality – Every new pair fits like the last. Flamingo has perfected their patterns and materials.
  3. Affordable prices – The quality rivals premium brands but the prices are very reasonable, especially when on sale.
  4. Inclusive sizing – With standard, petite, tall, and plus sizes, most women can find their match. No one gets left out.
  5. Cute washes – From classic blues to black to modern acid washes, their wash selection is spot-on.
  6. Flattering designs – Elements like curved waistbands, contouring and lifting fabric make these jeans ultra figure-enhancing.

I am a Flamingo Jeans customer for life. If you struggle to find the perfect fitting jeans, do yourself a favor and try Flamingo. You won’t be disappointed!