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Unforgettable Amsterdam Stag Do Hen Do

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If you are planning a weekend trip to Amsterdam for my stag do, and we want to make sure it’s an epic time we’ll never forget. When researching ideas for Amsterdam stag and hen dos, there are so many options it can be overwhelming!

I’ll share everything I’ve learned about planning the ultimate guys’ or girls’ weekend in Amsterdam stag do hen do based on my research and experiences in this article. I’ll cover:

  1. Overview of popular Amsterdam stag and hen do activities
  2. Tips for choosing the suitable activities for your group
  3. Recommendations for great restaurants and bars
  4. Best times of year to visit
  5. Accommodation options that make organizing easy
  6. How to be respectful visitors and stay safe
  7. Budgeting tips

After reading, you’ll have a complete Amsterdam stag and hen do itinerary mapped out and be ready for an unforgettable trip!

When brainstorming ideas for our Amsterdam weekend, my friends and I made an extensive list of all the classic stag and hen-do activities the city is known for. Here’s an overview of the most popular options:

Canals and Canal Cruises

  • Boat tours along the iconic canals and harbor are a must – there are lively open-boat parties or more chill sightseeing options. We’ll likely cruise at night to see the city lit up.

Museums and Galleries

  •  The Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are the most famous museums in the world. Notable museums in the world.” Visiting exhibits during the day will be a nice balance to our late nights out!

Food Tours

  • Exploring Amsterdam stag do hen do cuisine, like cheese, stroopwafels, and local beers, by going on a food tour is fun to experience the city together.

Bike Riding

  • Renting bikes, cruising around the city, or going to the nearby countryside is a classic day.

Parks and Green Spaces

  • Relaxing in Vondelpark with some drinks, snacks, and lawn games will be a perfect chill activity between more high-energy days.

Red Light District

  • The infamous neighborhood is a joint stag and hen do attraction. We’ll likely walk through to sightsee but only speak for some time here.


  • Experiencing Amsterdam stag do hen do coffee shop culture and legal marijuana is also popular, though not everyone in our group is into that scene.


  • Checking out EDM clubs, live music, and hipster bars will make for fun nights of dancing, drinking, and celebrating.

Choosing the Right Activities

With endless options for outstanding activities in Amsterdam stag do hen do, we want to choose the ones that work best for our particular stag and hen groups. Here are some tips:

  1. Consider your group’s size, interests, and comfort levels – I have ten friends coming, six guys and four girls. We’re all outgoing and adventurous but have different tastes in nightlife. Some activities may be better for smaller or larger groups.
  2. Leave time for group and free time – We’ll plan some activities that get us all together, along with blocks of free time so people can explore on their own if they want.
  3. Balance daytime and nighttime activities – We’ll aim for active stuff during the day, like a bike tour, museum, or food tour. At night we can check out bars and clubs.
  4. Make reservations in advance when possible – Some experiences, like canal cruises or certain restaurants, book up quickly. We’ll reserve those in advance so we can take advantage of them.
  5. Consider stag vs hen interests – My guy friends are really into the idea of go-karting, while the girls want to do a cocktail class – splitting up works well, so each group gets to do what they’re excited about.
  6. Do your research – I’m reading blogs from other stag and hen groups who have been to Amsterdam to ensure our chosen activities are fun and reputable.

Great Restaurants and Bars

Fueling up on delicious food and drinks will be an essential part of our Amsterdam stag weekend. Here are some spots that sound perfect for groups:


  1. STACH Food Hall – This hip indoor food hall has stalls featuring cuisine from all over the world. With so many options, everyone will indeed find something they’ll love.
  2. De Foodhallen – Another food hall with a wide variety of high-quality international street food. There’s also an onsite brewery!
  3. Bistro Bij Ons – This cozy, relaxed bistro serves classic Dutch fare like split pea soup, bitterballen, and stamppot (mashed potatoes and vegetables).
  4. Café de Prins – A lively café right along the canals. We can sit outside and enjoy the sights while enjoying drinks and sharing appetizers.


  1. ‘t Arendsnest – This bar has an extensive list of Dutch beers! Great for beer lovers who want to sample local brews.
  2. SkyLounge – The stylish rooftop bar at the DoubleTree hotel has panoramic city views and is an excellent spot for cocktails at sunset before going out.
  3. Bourbon Street Jazz & Blues Club – For live music lovers, this New Orleans-inspired club has bands playing jazz, funk, and soul. We can get drinks and dance the night away.

Best Times to Visit Amsterdam stag do hen do

When planning our trip timeline, I researched when the best times are to visit Amsterdam based on weather, crowds, prices, and events going on:

  1. Mid-March to Mid-May – Moderate temperatures and smaller crowds after winter. Plus, you can see the gorgeous tulip fields blooming nearby.
  2. June to August – The weather is warmest and sunniest. But summer also brings peak tourist crowds and hotel rates.
  3. September to mid-November – Fewer tourists, lower prices, and mild weather still make fall a great time.
  4. Late November to February – The coldest months and more chance of rain, but Christmas markets and festive lights make it magical.
  5. March to April – Crowds and rates are low again after winter. Temperatures started to go up, and cafés had outdoor seating again.

Based on this, early May could be ideal for us – tulip season, before crowds and prices spike in summer.

Group Accommodation

For accommodations, we want a place to make it easy for our whole stag and hen group to stay together. Here are some good options I found:

Rent a Houseboat

  • How fun would it be to all stay together on a houseboat on the canals?! Most boats have 4-12 beds and full kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It would give us an excellent home base.

Rent an Apartment

  • We could look for a multi-bedroom apartment rental on a site like Airbnb. We’d have more space to gather and get ready together versus tiny hotel rooms.

Book a Hostel

  • Hostels often have private rooms alongside dorms so that we could book out a few rooms in one place. There are stylish, modern hostels with bars that could work well.

Look for Group Hotel Rates

  • Some hotels may offer discounted rates or packages if you book enough rooms. I’ll ask about group booking deals to save money.

No matter where we stay, being together will make the experience even more fun and bonding!

Being Respectful Visitors

While an Amsterdam stag do hen do is all about having an epic time, we mustn’t stay calm and respect local culture and laws. Here are some tips:

  1. Be respectful in the Red Light District – No catcalling, don’t take photos, give the workers personal space. We’re there to observe, not make anyone uncomfortable.
  2. Drink and party responsibly – Don’t get belligerently drunk. Keep voices down at night out of consideration for residents.
  3. Watch out for legal differences – Marijuana is legal in coffee shops but can’t be used openly on the streets. Know the laws.
  4. Don’t litter or damage property – Whether riding bikes or on a pub crawl, be responsible and clean up after ourselves.
  5. Learn some Dutch – It’s polite for travelers to know at least a few Dutch phrases. I’m going to make a list so we can be good guests.

Following the city’s rules and being good tourists will ensure everyone stays safe and avoid any issues with locals.

Final Thoughts

With its wild nightlife, fun group activities, and “anything goes” vibe, Amsterdam stag do hen do is the perfect destination for an epic stag or hen weekend. Follow these tips to plan a celebration you and your mates will remember forever (or at least until the wedding)! Just be sure to prevent things from getting too out of hand so the bride or groom can attend their big day.